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  1. Show us your Best of 2017 !

    Richard, just take a look at the back of one of the wedding pictures. You'll find a date on there which will probably answer the question. (for the others: I am the former owner)
  2. Show us your Best of 2017 !

    I was able to buy many nice items this year, but this extended grouping with ~400 letters was by far the best. He first served with the 58. ID on the Eastern Front from 1942 to 1944. After having recovered from a wound he was transferred to the 338. ID in France and surrendered in April 1945 in the Ruhr Pocket. He was a POW in south west France until December 1947. What makes his story (unfortunately) special is the fact that he lost his father during the war in November '44 and he committed suicide in September 1950. His SB can be seen here. It also includes a link to a summary of his life on WAF:
  3. Really an impressive group. The Feldpost letters are perhaps even more interesting than the Wehrpass itself! Let us know what he writes about his stay in the Netherland when you've read them.
  4. Really interesting to see that both boxes are the same model and in such great condition.
  5. And the last one is not a real grave, but a memorial erected by the Volksbund. He is still MIA in Russia like so many. He was a member of FJR1. This memorial stands at the relatively new graveyard of Kursk-Besedino. The photo (which is also my avatar) was taken at his family home in Mannheim.
  6. And a small entry of a death card. It is special to me, because he was killed really close to my hometown on the day the town itself was liberated. He was likely a member of the 256. VGD. As you can see he was buried near the town's church. He is now buried at the small town of Ysselsteyn: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sint-Petrus'-Bandenkerk_(Oisterwijk)
  7. This man was killed quite close to Fiedler on March 10th 1945. He was a member of Grenadier-Regiment 1226. What is special about this grouping is that the WASt sent his items to his parents (including his bloodstained Soldbuch and bottom part of the Erkennungsmarke) in 1948. He is buried in Mönchengladbach. There is also a photograph of his grave in the ~1960s-70s. You can see his presentation here (scroll down for an updated story): http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/5387-bloody-kia-ruhr-pocket-obergefreiter-soldbuch/
  8. Nice topic. These are my entries. This man was a member of FJR16. He was KIA on March 1st 1945 in the Hochwald during Operation Blockbuster. As you can see his grave is very modest. There aren't even dates present. You can see his presentation here: http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/11190-fjr16-kapelsche-veer-hochwald-kia-soldbuch/
  9. Thank you for your reply Bart. Today I have visited Wilhelm's grave in Kalkar. As you can see it is a modest grave with nothing but his name and grave number. It is a peaceful place with 243 German war graves, next to the civilian cemetary. In the second picture you can see his grave at the bottom of the picture.
  10. Very sad grouping. The man who wrote down his name clearly never heard of the name Otfried before. It is indeed possible that he died in December, but is also possible that he died in a hospital.
  11. Nevermind, I already found the answer in one of your links: they left the Netherlands on February 2nd!
  12. Thank you for those links Kevin! Some very detailed information about the FJR16. I did not read before that the FJR16 was already in Cleve at the start of Veritable. Interesting information. Now I wonder when they left the region around Kapelsche Veer, because Veritable started only one week later.
  13. I hope you guys learn from it and at the same time enjoy my contribution. I also appreciate any additional information. Best regards, Paul
  14. And now for the Soldbuch itself.
  15. Operation Veritable & Blockbuster - The Battle of Hochwald Gap On February 8th the Allies started operation Veritable near Groesbeek in their advance to Wesel at the Rhine. By choosing the north side of the Siegfried Line, the Allies hoped that they would face little resistance. Soon, however, they were proven wrong by the German troops who now had to defend their own soil. The FJR16 of Wilhelm was the first unit of the 6. FJD to be moved from the Netherlands to the road between Kleve and Kalkar on February 16th. Sometime later the other units of the 6. FJD arrived as well. Because of the enduring resistance by the Germans, the Allies started Operation Blockbuster on February 26th, a secondary operation of Veritable with the goal to reach Xanten. The same day the Allies attacked Kalkar with several dozen tanks at Kalkar Ridge and lost many, but were successful at capturing the town. In the meanwhile the 6. FJD retreated to the Hochwald near Uedem, awaiting the arrival of the Allies. The Allies tried to pass the forest on February 27th over the main road (in the so called Battle of Hochwald Gap) with 1000 primarily Canadian tanks, but were met with fierce resistance by the Germans hiding in the forest, as well as the remaining German tanks. Plocher later said that the Allies made a mistake to pass the main road instead of going around the forest, since he put up all his remaining defences there. In the Gap the Canadians and Germans faced a fierce six day tank battle, with the 6. FJD giving covering fire from the northern side of the road. After losing dozens of tanks in the first three days of the battle, the Allies decided to storm the forest on March 1st and continued to push until the forest was cleared on March 3rd. During the attack into the forest, both sides suffered many losses. It is very likely that Wilhelm died during this attack on March 1st, aged 23. The 6. FJD retreated to Xanten and defended the town until its capture on March 8th. After clearing the western side of the Rhine, the 6. FJD retreated to the Netherlands where it surrendered one month later. Wilhelm is buried in Kalkar. There are no recorded rewards. The Canadian 'Greatest Tank Battles' series made an episode about 'The Battle of Hochwald Gap'. It will probably get deleted soon for copyright, but it is currently on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feDHjcyH0FU