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  1. Lucabrnroma

    My Little room

  2. Lucabrnroma

    My Little room

    thanks guys ?
  3. Lucabrnroma

    My Little room

  4. Lucabrnroma

    My Little room

    Hi all..that's my little room..i hope that my collection will grow strongly :)
  5. Lucabrnroma

    poor but honest...

    Thanks guys :)
  6. Lucabrnroma

    poor but honest...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GntQY3f0WyU A quick showreel :)
  7. Lucabrnroma

    poor but honest...

    piccolo aggiornamento
  8. Lucabrnroma

    JA Henckels SA

    Great conditioned dagger
  9. hi all..i have this I pattern Luft dagger marked SMF that shows an inscription on the side of the upper forniture of the scabbard...someone can help me to decode it?? i've only read that OTZ stands for ost thuringe thanks all
  10. Lucabrnroma

    poor but honest...

    I think it s the light...no lips on scabbard
  11. Lucabrnroma

    poor but honest...

    Thanks all ...i ll need your advices to make it grow:-))
  12. Lucabrnroma

    poor but honest...

    Ciao a tutti .. questa è la mia piccola collezione di lame e qualcun altro ... Spero che crescerà bene ... :) luca (Italia)
  13. Lucabrnroma

    My little collection...

    thanks steve...no i don't have anything about "division azul" thanks all:)
  14. Lucabrnroma

    My little collection...

    hi all...i post my little and poor collection...i'm a beginner but i'm in love with this items