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  1. Untersturmführer Paul Kändler 9. 3.19 Altenburg/Thür. †21.12.44 Büllingen Kraderk.Zug/Pz.Rgt.12 12.44 Not sure but he was transfered from LW or WH to the Stab/ Pz.Rgt.12 HJ. At the 21 december 1944 a few vehicles of the Kraderk.Zug.Pz.Rgt.12 drove from the Triererstrasse (a farmer house at the Triererstrasse a few kilometers from Büllingen was the Gefechtsstand of Stab. of Pz.Rgt.12 HJ) to Büllingen. They drove into the center of Büllingen and parkerd the vehicles and the young soldiers moved into the cellars of some houses. There were still some civilians left and were living in the cellars of the houses. An artillery barrage of the nearby US troops started and after it stopped the soldiers walked out the cellars, finding Ustuf. Paul Kändler dead on the streets. He was the only killed during that attack, mostlikely he stayed near the vehicles at the moment the group was searching the houses for food and other things. He was layed down in one of the vehicles and the group drove back to the Gefechtsstand of Pz.Rgt.12.. Kändler was burried left of the small farm and was after the war burried at Recogne. As can see the year of birth is not correct!
  2. I have put a few things in the right order because there are some errors in it KW-Beckers files are telling us he was m.i.a. at the 14.08.1944 (he was not captured as i have written above) but i have a written account of KW-Becker he send me at the end of 2005 but i have have misinterpreted it. Becker wrote me has was, in the night of 24.08.1944, on his own and separated from his seperated group of the A.A.12"HJ". He was on his own and after a while he met 2 other members of the A.A.12 (1 of the 4.Kp. and the other i havend found out at this moment as far as i know and reading the story from Becker he survived the war but i have his name not in my list). The wend on and at the 31-08-1944 Becker was captured so not the 30.08.1944. Like said his files tells us he went missing 14.08. but it was 24.08! Gr.JW
  3. In Meyers HJ book Reitzenstein is named as Kp.Chef of 5.Kp (Schwere.Kp.) but after Normandie there was no 5.Kp.Schwere anymore. There was: HQ 1.Kp. 2.Kp. 3.Kp. 4.Kp. and a Supply Kp. I also have some accounts from veterans that after B.o.B. there was no 4.Kp. anymore but not sure about that at this moment. Gr.JW
  4. Werner Fürst came to the A.A.12 HJ 31.01.1944 and was for a shorttime also with the Stab.A.A.12 before he came to 2.Kp.A.A.12 and he became Uscha. 21.06.1944 Source: Werner Fürst and the KTB.files Gr.JW
  5. am 21.06.1944 zum SS-Unterscharführer befördert. He died a few years ago will try to get the exact date. Gr.JW
  6. Eintritt:01.11.1939 Born:18.07.1920 Died:05.02.2003 I thought he ended the war as Oscha.?! Gr.JW
  7. Hopf was also Adj. of A.A.12"HJ" Gr.JW
  8. died 19.02.1993. Was Spies 1.Kp. and after Normandy he was in Stab.AA.12"HJ" and was till the end of the war (Hungary) with Bremer and other of his old comrades of the LSSAH who came to HJ in the Stab.AA.12"HJ".
  9. Kp.Chef. (5.Kp.) Aufklärungsabteilung 12 "HJ"
  10. Döring was driver of Kurt Fischer (Uscha.) of 2.Kp.
  11. Most likely he was wounded during Normandy (account of former member of 2.Kp.AA.12 "HJ" but no contact with any after the war.
  12. Arthur Fingerhut gefallen in Ungarn April ‚45, als Oscha Spähtruppführer Gr.JWS
  13. Unterscharführer Dörr, Gefallen in Ungarn, 2-3-1924/17-4-1945 Gr.JWS