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  1. Hope you all like it. I'd say at least 20 times rarer than the JFS version.
  2. Hi JustinG Thanks for the reply. I actually bought one since this post. It came from a guy that bought it from an American dealer that got it from the widow of an American officer. That's the story I was told. It wasn't a huge sum but for sure a price I wouldn't want to pay again. The link you posted was for a 100 PAB. I think you used the wrong link. Bruno
  3. No opinions on current market value?
  4. I'd like to add a Juncker 100 GAB to my collection. Any opinions on value for an early new mint to mint example. I haven't seen one for sale in awhile. Thanks, Bruno
  5. That's my feeling also. Now take a look at badge 1.21.1 in Hueukemes. The second badge I posted and the one in the book are the same badge. The catch has been photoshopped. One of my collecting goals is to have an example of every type in Hueukemes. The only type I badge that was giving me any problem was a tombak Meybauer. I've searched all the collecting forums for another example and never could find one. I certainly could be wrong but now believe there are no such badges. There are however several variants in these cutouts. The two I pictured are most likely the rarest with three sections cutout between the swastika. The most common are found with only two cutouts. As I said before I could be wrong. If anyone has a tombak Meybauer GAB please post it.
  6. My question is the second badge zinc or tombak?
  7. Thank you both. I have one more badge for review. Is this Meybauer a zinc or tombak? I'm thinking it's zinc.
  8. I would like some opinions on this badge before purchasing it. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  9. Bruno

    GAB Opinions

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback .The GAB is definitely a tombak example. My only concerns were with the finish. I guess it does match the overall condition of the badge. There is not a trace of wear and hardware is perfect.
  10. Hi All, I would like to get some opinions on this badge. It obviously looks nice. My main concern is the frosting and polished areas. Just never seen the grenade polished like this one. It does come with wrapping paper the seller says is original to the badge. Any help would be great. Thanks, Buckeye