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  1. Hello all, managed to add a new tinnie to my slowly growing Flemish nationalist collection;
  2. Very nice! Thank for sharing. k
  3. Here are mine! Hope to see yours soon. First one is the Karpathenkorps insigna. It is a WWI insigna worn by all who served more then two months at th Karpaten during the periode from august 1916 to july 1917. Worn nearly every where, on headgear, uniforms and medal bars. Second is the 122 th WH infantery division. Worn on uniforms ans soft headgear. This one is a dug up. Next is the Braunschweiger traditionsabzeichen No.17th infantery regiment and the 13th cavalry regiment. A rear view Here is a pic next to one on a schirmmütze And a Schwedter Adler on a Schirmmütze.
  4. Hello all, latest find are this books I found at a Belgian auction house. To me it seems like a attempt to groupe the greatest part of information that was published at that time, in one. Most are translations from English, French and German publications. It is handwritten and comes with very nice illustrations. There are 8 volumes, bound in leather, by a firm in Rotterdam, and it is late 19 th c. They seemed to have been sold at one time for 835 (not sure about the currency...) And no clue about the author, apparently named "S.B. Ostt" or something... So it is open for discussion, would love to see what you think. I will post more pic's, when ever I come by something relevant during my investigation.
  5. Thanks.
  6. Thank you! And to you.
  7. Thanks Jim. Love it too. And your Waterloo medal! ;-)
  8. And most prized militaria related, my 17 th century Flemish piqueneer helmet;
  9. Most prized, but not militaria related would be a scrishaw wall bone plate made by Roderick;
  10. But when you say; "Pompiers et Garde Civilian". Do you mean pompier and garde civique or pompier and civilian services? Because the long service medal for Garde civique looks like this; Garde civique being one of my collection themes as well.
  11. Hey Larry, sorry I missed your question. Here are some pic's. Sorry about the flash, but I can't take it out of his frame. And the specific firefighter medal
  12. I tought so too, Jim. Thanks.
  13. Thanks! Yours is outstanding. Mine came from a house clearence in Antwerp, but history is saddly gone....