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  1. Hi Martin, See how stupid I am. I somehow read that you bought a Souval RK. :D
  2. Hello Martin, you posted it to the correct forum, maybe the guys here just missed this cross earlier. I would say for a gap filter or for a uniform this cross could be a good solution. If I want cheaper replacement for an original RK, I would prefer the S&L B type cross better, but still a nice piece.
  3. Hello Fischer, yes you are right they looks identical (although on that one there is no mm and the pin is slightly different), I tried to search original examples, and to be honest, its very hard to find the difference between the fake and the original one. But in case this IAB is a Staegemier, that there is a high chance that the other two is a copy too. This heer flak set-up I have never seen on these badges, and its identical to the Deschler IAB. We also know, that there are very dangerous copies out there from Osang para badges. Here is a so called good one Deschler with similar hardware, although this one is not a hollow back design.
  4. Hello Gerry, to be honest, there are not an easy one. The badges you bought especially the Osang para, there are very good fakes out there from this type. Straight pictures from the observe and reverse could always help a lot to determine the authenticity of the badge. But I am pretty sure the Deschler IAB is a good one. On the zinc Osang para, a better picture from the maker mark would be good, but looks promising. About the zinc heer flak, I am not sure. a straight picture from the front would be good, the eagle's head and talons look a bit different than what i used to see on Funcke & Brüningshaus badges.
  5. Hello Martin, in my opinion yes, its a full Juncker.
  6. I can only agree with the guys here, its a poor fake.
  7. Really nice ones indeed!
  8. Hello, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately this badge is a fake.
  9. The writing on the box, under the gloves is: Budapest District Heating Works Private Company Limited by Shares. Just for info. :)
  10. Nice ones Nicolas!
  11. Nice one Steve!
  12. Hello Martin, in my opinion its a W&L.
  13. Indeed they all very nice. I especially like the eagle and swastika on the "Serif J" variant.
  14. He was last active on german combat awards forum on 16.03.2017 17:16.