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  1. Hans Kondor

    Inf Sturm Abs silver small 'w'.

    Hi, yes it is indeed looks like a tombak Wurster, a piece which is still missing from my collection, congrats!
  2. Hans Kondor

    Nice LW Pilot/Observers badge

    Hello, the badge itselfs looks original, but I would like to see better straight photos from the observe and the rear. I am not sure about this finish, the black paint on the pin is weird, also would like to see better shots from the swastika, that it is not renaziffized.
  3. Hello, you mean the marked ones are rare? Because IMO the design is not so hard to find in EKII spange, though the condiiton of yours are great.
  4. Another nice Spange from you, congrats!
  5. Very nice one, I really like this design!
  6. Hello, the pictrues are too blurred, is the mm a 7? Maybe a Meybauer, but it can be a fake, better pictures needded for me to find out the authenticity.
  7. Hello, as far as I know this design is indeed considered original and the maker is possibly Deschler.
  8. Hans Kondor

    Mine sweeper badge

    I see, unfortunately its not my field of expertise.
  9. Hans Kondor

    Mine sweeper badge

    Which post are you refferring to?
  10. Hans Kondor

    EK2 Schinkle? MM 3

    Hello, in the 4th post in our database, you can see a Schinkel Deumer:
  11. Hans Kondor

    EK2 Schinkle? MM 3

    No, its a standard design.
  12. Hans Kondor

    Mine sweeper badge

    The K. is still visible.
  13. Hans Kondor

    Mine sweeper badge

    Hello, it looks like a good zinc Rudolf Karneth to me.
  14. Hans Kondor

    EK2 Schinkle? MM 3

    Hello, I think its an early Deumer.
  15. Another nice W&L Martin!