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  1. The writing on the box, under the gloves is: Budapest District Heating Works Private Company Limited by Shares. Just for info. :)
  2. Nice ones Nicolas!
  3. Nice one Steve!
  4. Hello Martin, in my opinion its a W&L.
  5. Indeed they all very nice. I especially like the eagle and swastika on the "Serif J" variant.
  6. He was last active on german combat awards forum on 16.03.2017 17:16.
  7. Hello, as the guys have already said, its a fake.
  8. Indeed a nice Brehmer Martin!
  9. Hello! I don't know whether its a post war S&L or just a fake, but it is not an original war-time cross.
  10. Here is mine with the same catch as yours, the catch on Hans N's IAB is differently soldered to the badge.
  11. Hello Martin, sorry for the late reply, that is indeed a very nice so called Egghead IAB. The hollow zinc variants are hard to find and the condition of yours is also great.
  12. I can only agree with the others, nice one John!
  13. Great pictures, thank you for sharing it with us!
  14. Nice one Yohan!