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    German medals, German Documents (Award documents, passes personal documents etc) German uniforms, German equipment and German helmets. Also NSB items and excavated helmets, magazines, (edged)weapons etc. Dutch ww2 militaria and civil documents. I recently started collecting Brittish and French WW2 items.
  1. I finally got my Finnish Mosin Nagant m24 :)

  2. This is a ausweis from my grandpa. The Gestapo got him arrested (we still don't know why) and he was sended to Dessau Germany. He worked there for 2 years and he fled when the whole town was bombed to the ground with fire bombs. I heard this from my grandma because my grandpa had such a big trauma that he wasn't able to talk about it. Does anyone saw something like this before? Kind regards, Bob
  3. Hello Hans, I did some research too, and I also find out that is was Assman. But thank you a lot! I can put this now with pride in my TR medal collection :) My personal experience is that you need to search in older neighborhoods, there is more antique for sell and maybe som WW2. I earlier bought a nice Dutch NSB WA helmet for not too much. Open markets is in my opinion not the best to search for WW2 items, I think you need to go to fleemarkets etc. The same seller also had some Wehrmacht drill boots with nails underneath it but I runned out of money. Maybe it is nice to come to Alphen aan den Rijn next year with the Jaarmarkt (huge market once a year) and you can definetly find something! Kind regards, Bob
  4. Homework, homework and more homework

  5. Hello everyone, Last week we had our traditional fleemarket in Alphen aan den Rijn. I was searching for World War 2 items, and then the moment I thought I want to go home I spotted this! A nice Fliegerschützenabzeichen mit Blitzbündel. I asked how much it was and the seller said 50,00 Euros. But he didn´t know if it was real or not. So what is your opinion? I think it is real. Regards, Bob