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  1. Yes, a big dealer in germany offer the 40 year for 150 €
  2. Laboe

    Cap Tally

    I think so. A good example.
  3. Laboe

    57 UBoot Fahrer

    ... but the U-Boat badge are not very early !
  4. Yes, the eagles are beautiful. Here the eagle for uniform. Regards Frank
  5. Hi, from my collection. With indication of Maat. Regards Frank
  6. Hi Hans, yes, it`s my piece. Weight 24 gram Regards Frank
  7. Can you send me the link from CGA ? How many same pieces are already known ? Regards Frank
  8. Hi, good copy ? Please opinions. Best regards Frank
  9. Hard to get a good picture. Best regards Frank
  10. Laboe

    Km Officer Cap

    Yes, part of Netherland ! Also general linguistic usage for Netherland.
  11. Laboe

    Km Officer Cap

    Thank`s for your opinions. Picture of the stamp imprinted on sweatband. Cheers Frank
  12. Laboe

    Km Officer Cap

    You think, the cap is original, but not the cover ? Enclosed please find picture of a visor cap from Korvettenkapitän to Kapitän zur See. 24.04.1956 The lining is different. Cheers Frank