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  1. Hello Graham, thank you for your answer. That is really angrily, but i meant more the damage caused by acid or humidity in the rikkermount. But this is also a good thing to keep in mind. Greetings Denis
  2. Hello guys i have a question: The ones of you who uses Rikermounts as a Storage for Medals or anything else. Did you ever discovered some damage on your items over a long time storage? You can read pretty conversely things on the internet and now i am pretty insecure about to storage items in those things. Greetings Edelweiß21
  3. Edelweiß21

    M1910 Fieldgray Visorcap

    It looks nice! Thanks for sharing. Greetings Edelweiß21
  4. Edelweiß21

    M1910 Fieldgray Visorcap

    Hello Richard, you want to show yours here in this thread? Maybe i am interessted haha. Greetings Edelweiß21
  5. Hello dear forummembers, i am back from the dead and my collecting theme changed a little bit (for those who know me). I changed from 3. Reich and WW2 to 1813 to 1918 especially the german state Oldenburg and some Prussia. Now to the Visorcap: i went with my girlfriend to london recently and visited the London Militaria store "The London Medal Company". And there was this beauty. I had to buy it. Its an Prussian M1910 Fieldgray Visor cap for officers of the infantry. The sweatband is a litte lose behind the visor but the rest is in a really good shape. I think this is a nice souvenir. And i want to greet Bart, he encouraged me for posting here again. Greetings Edelweiß21
  6. Edelweiß21

    Freikorps,Werewolf Award.

    Mhhm, the pictures are not that good. Werwolf is a quite difficult collecting theme because there is nearly no books about it and i only know one collector who really know something about it (From the biggest german Forum) I dont have a good feeling about this Medal. Greeting Edelweiß21
  7. Edelweiß21

    Adler's Imperial and WW1 collection

    I am not that long into WW1 (Since the begining of this year) but this collection is so impressiv. I really enjoy looking at it every time, i hope you will update it constantly. Greetings Edelweiß21
  8. Thank you for your comment Scott. I am really happy its good. Gruß Edelweiß21
  9. I will try it :D Thanks, would be my 4th FA Cross Medalbar. Greetings Edelweiß21
  10. Thank you for your Oppion. Yes the orginal Crosses are allways made off iron, only buy Crosses form the twentys could be out off Tombak. Greeting Edelweiß21
  11. Hello guys, one questin, i could get this Medal Bar, is all ok with it? I am collecting FA Crosses at the moment so it would be a nice addition to my collection. Thanks for your Help. Greetings Edelweiß21
  12. Edelweiß21

    Erel Visor Cap

    Thanks! Yes i love the erels too. Greets Edelweiß21
  13. Edelweiß21

    WBiS WL L/55 100

    Nice set. I find the Silver WB is the most beautiful WB. Maybe because my grandoncle got awarded an WB in Silber. Greets Edelweiß21
  14. Edelweiß21

    Shoulder board Artillery

    I think the Shoulderboard is good. Greets Edelweiß21
  15. Edelweiß21

    A small Collection Of Eagles

    Nice Eagels collection! Greets Edelweiß21