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  1. Timothy D

    My Little room

    Real nice collection! timothy
  2. Timothy D

    Gelatine Klapplaternen

    Nice unique piece! timothy d
  3. Tried to recreate picture of old souveniers Gun is old MGC68 (Model) MP40 good for display. timothy
  4. Timothy D

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    Nice period photo's thanks for sharing. timothy d
  5. Possible utility strap for equipment? my best guess. timothy d
  6. Very interesting and informative post. timothy d
  7. Timothy D

    Weapons and Ordnance in my collection...

    Most impressive little meuseum! timothy d
  8. Timothy D

    My Little room

    Beautiful display gotta love edged weapons! timothy d
  9. Nice examples posted. timothy d
  10. SS man in panzer wrap on old mannequin at one time had a full HJ Youth on it may build from it has a m42 police helmet short supplies for now. timothy d
  11. Some daggers Army,Navy Luftwaffe RAD, SA,Red cross HJ etc and dress bayonets fire, police standard long short a Luft marked fighting knife and gravity knives first models in my case. timothy d
  12. Old IMA dummy gun ATF approved from yrs ago this one is German receiver is marked 1943 MG 42 CRA barrel shoud PJ for Styer butstock dvr waa or so and is the German sharkfin shaped 5 wire wrap biopod hva waa and feed cover cof waa E ichorn made. MP 40 is one of the model guns both display good. timothy d
  13. Some k98 from the war room from right to left S/42G, 42 1939, dot 43, byf44 vet bring back, byf44 full Kreigsmodell, CZ rework great shooter, Yugo rework excellent shooter nothing rare or totally matching but I like them. timothy d
  14. Timothy D


    Real nice example! timothy