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  1. Now that is some Red Cross Social Welfare collection! Well done. timothy d
  2. Caught this movie here while back its been out several years now it is a good movie about the 94th div from their landing in Brittney France to all the way to Pilsen CZ centers on one man with his sweetheart back home. Loved the scene of the winter fighting in Monkey wrench woods around Nenning and Tettingen which are beautiful towns today. My dad had a buddy wounded there in the attack by the German 11th panzer div nicknamed the "Gespenster" Ghost division I highly recomed it. Below is the 1946 edition of the Divisions history which was my dad's copy. timothy d
  3. Nice example of LKP flight helmet I forget which model without radio gear nice piece. timothy d
  4. I don't collect anything SS it looks like one a older collector friend sold here while back SS experts will want to see inside especially sweat bands. I believe the maroon ones were dress and field gray was worn in the field I could be wrong though. timothy
  5. Nice examples thanks for post. timothy d
  6. Looks like some Russian 7.62X25 cal tok pistol ammo also used in PPSH41 a Russian F1 frag grenade and the top round could be Russian AT can't tell doesn't look like German 20mm. timothy
  7. Some rare items there. timothy
  8. Sarge is right on the Jap rifle 7.7 I presume? Jap sword is early turn of the century before the samauri gunto type para FJ helmet looks real but? as stated would need some precise photo's for the experts all look like nice souviners prices are hard to discuss as they are all over the place anymore. timothy
  9. Don't care for it as reasons some have already stated seems to be some flat rude on there always looking to disagree some members have been courtesy the shampane runes scam did it for me if you are familiar faked airsprayed SS helmets big scam with big time dealers involved to ripping off collectors they think of the tune of half a million WAF tried to sensor and cover up the plot but to much coverage and investigation by well known expert blew it wide open there is a reason why Hambone over at k98 forum dubs them Waftarden. Just my take timothy d
  10. Nice historic piece with a background! timothy d
  11. Very informative and useful I study it from time to time. timothy d
  12. As I said earlier Great bunch of PTO weapons love the Nambu addition. timothy d
  13. Its a great start everyone starts somewhere. timothy
  14. Typical civil fire police straps found on LS also liner is nice little tabs are for connecting a fire neck leather protection strap They made these postwar however I am certain this one is WW2 that is a wartime maker stamp later war ones came without decals is this one a repaint? timothy