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  1. I wonder if it isn't a flower.
  2. What is pinned above his left pocket and appears to be sticking from underneath the flap?
  3. Here is another with the same stamps and list. Hope the link works http://militariarelics.com/german/documents/miscellaneous/4476 Polizei-Dienstpass to Karl Lehner, Policeman. SS-Police Anti-Partisan unit.
  4. A great complete set to a man with a long and dark career in the police. Do you think those two guys carrying rifles and no boots are police or auxiliary? The middle page left side photo.
  5. Another late war division, Ulrich von Hutten
  6. Thanks Michael, the other Fallschirm soldbuch I posted also has the same stamp in it. I just recently purchased it. After I think 3 to 4 years, I can finally confirm the stamps in another soldbuch.
  7. This guy served all over, Russia, Italy, maybe Afrika and the Western Front. He went to being an infantryman to becoming a weatherman and then back to the front again. I believe FSJ Rgt 5 fought during the Battle of the Bulge and Hurtgen Forest battles. He lost his arm in January 1945. I did a close up of a hospital entry that matches the one in the FSJ Rgt 6 soldbuch, I posted previously.
  8. This is a very well used soldbuch to a guy who was a flak gunner in Norway but was transferred to the Fallschirmjagers in the summer of 1944. He was with FSJ Rgt 6 and ended the war with Fallschirm Gr.Werf. Btl 2. The photo was removed but it came with over a dozen pictures of him in Norway, a few I have included. I purchased this from a seller who said the last 2 awards were fake so was priced very cheap. I believe they are good.
  9. Another soldbuch with some cool late war units, SS Fuhrungs Nacht. Rgt 503, Batl Halle/5 and Nacht Abt 'Friedrich Ludwig Jahn'
  10. Probably was hit on the side we can't see in the photo or had a skull fracture. Nice late war unit.
  11. Some time on my hands today, a 16th Pz Division aufklarungs replacement soldbuch that has a late war unit. "Regiment Kobelinski" ?
  12. A nice Feb. 1945 issue Brandenburger soldbuch, no awards but a notation of discharge by his Oberleutnant on May 8 1945.