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  1. Stewy

    That guy has been on the forums quite awhile, strange that he would do this. If he had financial issues come up he could have returned the item. This is what will get you a bad reputation in the collectors circles.
  2. Late war units

    Hi this is a replacement soldbuch to a guy who served with Kdo XIII Armee Korps, Grenadier Rgt 360 in the summer of 1944 and then to 18th Volks Grenadier Division. During the Ardennes offensive he was hospitalized for skin problems. On April 5th 1945 he was issued a K98 and gear. He was then sent to the forming Division Staff Scharnhorst.
  3. Thanks to some extra help, it is Janis Ozols. He filled in as commander of this battalion for awhile when this soldbuch was signed.
  4. Interesting indeed, these obscure types always catch my attention.
  5. I think several have walked out of the archives and have been sold on the internet.
  6. Several have the photo missing stamps and have been called fakes on some forums. Thanks for sharing it will come in handy.
  7. I found 2 sturmbannfuhrer's, Karlis and Janis Ozols. Both were in the Arajs Battalion and were part of the same university student association. Incidently this 21 year old soldier had his occupation listed as student. I wish I could find out when these red cover soldbücher began to be issued. I have a feeling my guy was already active before the soldbuch was issued. I did find that this SD Sicherungs battalion was the part that did "the work".
  8. Does anyone think this says, Ozols ?
  9. Yes, polizei and I am assuming an SS member due to his rank and unit, also certainly a party member.
  10. Hi I am struggling with this signature. The fancy loop on the capital letter is stumping me.
  11. Unusual Entry in Soldbuch

    Thank you for the replies. What an odd thing to find for a guy transfered to the front.
  12. Hi I am curious what the first entry is for, since he has no other hospital entries anywhere in the Soldbuch, why this one? For the second, what is Ob-Pl Gruppe stands for? This U-boat trainee ended up in Posen and Warsaw with Fest.MG Batl 25 then onto Fus. Batl 83.
  13. Eric-Jan Bakker

    A really nice and helpful guy, I had many email exchanges with him. At least his suffering is over, cancer is such an awful disease.
  14. A hell of a nice thread, enjoyable read. Takes some dedication to only collect one division.