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  1. Unusual Entry in Soldbuch

    Thank you for the replies. What an odd thing to find for a guy transfered to the front.
  2. Hi I am curious what the first entry is for, since he has no other hospital entries anywhere in the Soldbuch, why this one? For the second, what is Ob-Pl Gruppe stands for? This U-boat trainee ended up in Posen and Warsaw with Fest.MG Batl 25 then onto Fus. Batl 83.
  3. Eric-Jan Bakker

    A really nice and helpful guy, I had many email exchanges with him. At least his suffering is over, cancer is such an awful disease.
  4. A hell of a nice thread, enjoyable read. Takes some dedication to only collect one division.
  5. 91 Luftland Division

    You beat me to it Bart. I have been in contact with a distant relative of this guy. He knew him but did not know of any war stories. He said Franz is extremely common name in that family and they are known by using their first and middle name. 31 G is the American pow code for the Western Front.
  6. 91 Luftland Division

    A pow number issued by what army? Definitely not American.
  7. 91 Luftland Division

    Thanks, I didn't see that one. I found one further south by La Rochelle. FSJ Rgt 6 was attached to the 91st. Maybe he was was killed with some fallschirmjager and was mistakenly identified as a jager. St.Andre de l'Epine is the place of death and is northeast of St. Lo. I will have to look through a FSJ Rgt 6 book I have.
  8. 91 Luftland Division

    Thanks Michael I found La Ronde but their might be more than one in France.
  9. This is my latest 91 LL Division soldbuch. Franz Roggenbuck was attached to 5/Gren Rgt 1057 in the spring of 1944 and was in the action on D-Day behind the 709th Division. They fought US 82nd Airborne paras. He managed to survive a lot of heavy fighting on the Cotentin Peninsula. Not many entries, the last one being July 13, 1944. I am not sure what that notation is for. A slip of paper with his name and a number that matches one on page 1 was inside along with several merkblatts and a 1944 calendar. I found a Franz Roggenbuck buried in Marigny, France with a different birth date but a matching place of birth. Date of death is 7/1944.
  10. I got this one a while back and decided to share a bit. Fischlein was a member of Polizei Schutzen Rgt 34 and saw his first action in the Bialystok area in May 1943 and was later directly involved in the clearing of the ghetto there in August 1943. The Jewish prisoners fought back for five days but were crushed. Almost everyone in the ghetto was transported to Treblinka with some going to Majdenak. I just finished two first hand accounts written by two survivors of Treblinka. They mentioned the trains from the Bialystok Ghetto and the wretched condition of the people, some of them wounded. Fischlein was later involved in the Warsaw Uprising, being attached to Kampfgruppe von dem Bach. His fate is unknown.
  11. Hi looking figure out the name of the officer who signed this? Thanks