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  1. Probably was hit on the side we can't see in the photo or had a skull fracture. Nice late war unit.
  2. Some time on my hands today, a 16th Pz Division aufklarungs replacement soldbuch that has a late war unit. "Regiment Kobelinski" ?
  3. A nice Feb. 1945 issue Brandenburger soldbuch, no awards but a notation of discharge by his Oberleutnant on May 8 1945.
  4. Another one,a replacement soldbuch with a nice crisp photo and another panzerjagd verband that are hard to find much on. He was awarded the Winter 41/42 Medal, Iron Cross II, Sturm Assault Badge and the Wound Badge in Black while serving with Art. Rgt 75.
  5. I posted these guys last year, note the dog tag numbers, safe to say they were in line together.
  6. A guy who ended up in Pz Jag Abt Scharnhorst, April 1945, under the 12th Army surrendering to the US Army on May 2-3 1945. I have more just slow digging them out.
  7. Thanks Ian. Now i have a direction to read into further.
  8. A flieger schleifanzug or schleißanzug and the above mentioned arbeitsschutzenzug , whatever that is. Ian, any info on the whereabouts of the fallschirm mg btl in 1941 and 1942 ?
  9. I just got this one. It is missing a lot of pages especially page 3/4 and the awards page. I am certain he became a POW in Africa. I think the dogtag is for FSJ MG Batl. I am not sure where or to who that unit was attached to, Brigade Ramcke? On the equipment pages he was issued an Arbeitsschutzenzug , what is that? Any ideas about this guy's service will be helpful.
  10. I really enjoy this thread. I have several just need to dig them out.
  11. Page 6 is blank, page 7/8 is gone and page 10/11 his eyes were checked 1/7/44 in Bologna and issued glasses. No other stamps on those pages. As to the Kreta cuff title , I posted a fallschirm wehrpass on this forum with no cufftitle yet the Crete operation was entered. That guy was jump qualified and was awarded the EK II and ISA later that summer while the unit was re-building. My point is that some guys didnt get it or wasn't recorded. I also have a GJ soldbuch to a guy that arrived by boat 3 days into the invasion, same as above combat awards but no cuff title. Maybe he was just a driver at the company hq, it came with several short letters from his wife including 2 four leaf clovers, 2 pictures of his mother, two of his daughters and a family photo in civilian clothes, he looks like a big guy.
  12. volume 1 & 2 are on the way to my house, I got them for half price.
  13. Thanks Kevin, is their a break down of the company's of 4th Regiment or a general one of the division? I would think the armor it had was captured and refurbished vehicles.