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  1. Scott G.

    New addition

    Very nice find indeed Jim. Well done on another great addition to your collection
  2. Scott G.

    New EK1

    Great cross Jim, I have been looking for an Fr EK1 for a while but you know my taste and for that reason finding one is a bit of a hunt. Regarding the pin, the high polish shine look could very well be because it was fitted to a tunic and not removed for a long period hence the high level of preservation of the original finish and lack of wear.
  3. Scott G.

    1813 EKII

    Jim I couldn't think of a better custodian of such an historical artefact ,a nice looking example and truly a gem to behold. Well done my friend on this significant acquisition. Regards, Scott
  4. Jim, what more can I say that the others haven't already. Other than of course a personal CONGRATULATIONS on your new found gem. Great to know it has found a good home with such an astute custodian . Regards my friend, Scott
  5. Very nice find John,both the EK1 and the medal bar look good. Thanks for sharing . Regards Scott
  6. Nice grouping, no alarm bells. A great patina to the EK2 nice to see. Regards, Scott
  7. Scott G.

    WW1 German Pocket Watch & Fob.

    I'm in total agreement there Jim, the dating on the iron cross would most likely coincide with the award date of the EK. Items like this show just how proud veterans were of their EK's .Great that the watch is complete,but it is no surprise that it still works after all it is German.
  8. Scott G.

    Imperial EKs

    Thanks for sharing, I really love the minis (shame it's an old photo would like to have seen some close ups of them). I remember when I first started collecting the dream of owning a Grand Cross (soon smashed by the reality of their rarity and if found the price) .
  9. Scott G.


    Nice grouping, could you add photos of the military pass as it would help in determining if he was discharged on medical grounds. As a wound for which he received a black wound badge for is unlikely to have resulted in discharge.(during the height of conflict) One of the hard things with reading these old documents is not just the different language but the hand writing as well. The wound bad was awarded 1 June 1918, the EK2 has two dates 22 October 1916 and 8 July 1917. The pink is 7 July 1917 . With these dates I would really like to see the entries in the pass.
  10. Scott G.

    EK 2 marked Fr

    Jim, A real gem, Fr is one of my favourite makers of period awarded crosses. A great addition to your addiction (to which I accept full blame ). This cross has a nice early core design and good patina, thanks for sharing and keep them coming. Regards, Scott
  11. Scott G.

    1870-71 medal

    Sorry for the late reply to this, my pc kept locking up. Firstly "Great medal" , now to the details: The medals with the inscription were the original issue (as Jim notes they were produced from melted down captured French cannons) ones with no inscription are either non combat or later replacements (can't recall what it is but there is something different regarding the suspension loop that defines the difference between non combat and replacement). Price wise they do very across dealers, but 60 to 80 euro for an inscribed one and 30 to 40 for non inscribed. Hope this helps. Regards, Scott
  12. Scott G.

    Surprise Package

    Wow Jim ,what a great gift. Well I for one can understand why you are so deserving of such a gesture, the support you have given me through some very rough times during the last part of 2014 in regard to my injury was a real God send especially when we are at different ends of the globe.Thank you! Bart has been great for us all here on the forum ,for without him HWMF wouldn't exist. Regards, Scott
  13. Scott G.


    Greetings John, Great looking EK2 with an early core type and so clearly marked ,shame that it has been cleaned but it does show just how impressive these awards looked when they were presented. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on a fine piece of history. Regards, Scott
  14. Scott G.

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Thank you Gentlemen for your birthday wishes, I appreciate it even if not one to go in much for birthdays, most likely due to as Pierce points out the closeness to Christmas. Thanks again guys, and wishing you all a great new year. Scott
  15. Gentlemen thanks for sharing your amazing collections of medal bars, I don't have a lot in the way of medal bars and sadly all the image fills are on the other computer but I will up load them once it is up and running again (really need to archive all photos to a portable hard drive). Best wishes for the new year, Scott