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  1. I have picked up a box full of flare rounds, a mix of german WWII and what I suppose to be WWI flare rounds in a cardboard box. Is there somebody with more information on them? Pierre
  2. I would like to have your opinion on this one. There is a faded Juncker marking in the back (hard to see on the pic but possible with a magnifier). The weight is 34g which should match with a type "J" hybrid (Durante's book on the FJ badges). The flat-topped rivets are there. Pierre
  3. Now I understand why it's so hard to see a LW visor with a great shape on the market . Congrats to the owners of these beauties. Pierre
  4. And especially desirable due to the fact that this award has been worn. Pierre
  5. I think that there are serious chances that this set of awards are belonging to von Krosigk. The place where he has been buried after the soviet air-attack which killed him is unknown to the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge (he isn't in their database). He got the KC in 1944 which perfectly matches with a Klein & Quenzer KC. Pierre
  6. Pierre C.

    LW Observer Bag

    Beautiful condition. I think that these small ones are made for the single seater airplanes. Pierre
  7. Pierre C.

    LC display

    As for the Spanish crosses I still don't know which maker I prefer between Juncker and Meybauer. I'd think that the Meybauers are harder to find than the Junckers. Very nice one, Jacek but concerning this one isn't it a gold grade in silver? Pierre
  8. Pierre C.

    Show your observer badges

    Many thanks to Jacek and Sebastien for your pics and explanations. Pierre
  9. Great job with the finding of this picture Hans, the ribbon bar seems to be a perfect match. Definitely a good find. Pierre
  10. Pierre C.

    Show your observer badges

    I am a big fan of your J1s guys, thanks for showing them. One question: has somebody already seen some really thin ones? In Previtera's book the early ones shown have all the "regular" thickness. Pierre
  11. Pierre C.

    Show your Bomber Clasps

    Nice ones Peter. Thanks for sharing. Pierre
  12. If your friend can tell you close to which place these awards have been found it would definitely help to identify who might have worn them. I have a list (perhaps uncomplete) of generals killed in action and the only name of a KC holder General killed in action in Kurland I have is Ernst-Anton von Krosigk. The problem is that he also got the oakleaves... Pierre
  13. Pierre C.

    Kriegsmarine Cap Emblems

    Very nice U boot emblems. An great to see an orginal legendary 9th Flotille. Pierre
  14. Pierre C.

    Kriegsmarine feldgrau tunics

    Great tunics Eduardo in really amazing condition. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the officer ones. Pierre
  15. It makes me think of the movie adapted from the italian comic books "Sturmtruppen". Pierre