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    British Militaria 1850-1950 - Cloth Fomation Signs- Militaria photos showing insignia been worn.

    Specialist interest:UK WW2 Royal Navy Special Forces - C.O.P.P.s` Navy Parachutists ,Beach Signals units ,Naval Bomb Disposal.

    Royal Flying Corps ,Documents and photographs showing insignia.

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  1. Grandads-Kitbag

    WW1 Pair to a "Tunneller" Officer

    Superb thread gents ,thank you I genuinely learnt alot .
  2. Grandads-Kitbag


    HI there , many thanks . These scrolls were sent to the Next of kin for service men and women of the three main services who were killed , this is the first example I have ever seen to a `Home front ` unit? be interesting to know if the Civil defence or A.F.S were awarded them as well I have no idea. If you ever see an example to a woman buy it quick as they must be worth a fortune ? the R.A.F casualty examples go for over a hundred quid. Richard at ` Mons ` Military Antuiques has a really nice scroll if you want to study more about these .
  3. Grandads-Kitbag

    Post cards, British military themed thread

    Company / Recruiting office 2nd Westriding R.G.A taken about 1910
  4. Grandads-Kitbag

    Cloth formation badges

    AIR FIELD CONSTRUCTION UNITS . A loverly badge , a unit made up from R.E and Pioneer regiments , unit was formed to go in and `reactivate` damaged / destroyed captured air bases. Manufactured : Printed ( not seen any other styles of manufacture ? please comment )
  5. Grandads-Kitbag

    Cloth formation badges

    19th INFANTRY BRIGADE Manufactured : Silk woven /
  6. Grandads-Kitbag

    Cloth formation badges

    Commonwealth Forces , a nice example of a Silk Woven sign . Manufactured: embroidered / Silk woven / wire bullion on cloth ( not seen a printed example can any one confirm please ?) As worn post war Far East / Korea rare examples can be found ` theatre made` with country names Such as Australia , New zealand woven in .
  7. Grandads-Kitbag

    Cloth formation badges

    Royal Army Service Corps -Air Despatch units . Maufactured / Printed / embroidered. / Wire bullion ( Far East ) Thes are the war time examples with clipped tail to the Dakota , later manufactured badges had the full tail . These have been applied to khaki cloth first before stitching to uniform this was often done as the Printed formation sign soon became tatty along the edges and this help prevent it BUT todays fakes of many formation signs are often sold this way to hide the rear of the badge as this is often the best way to detect if the badge is a copy .
  8. Grandads-Kitbag

    Cloth formation badges

    AIR FORMATION SIGNALS . Manufactured Printed /embroidered. / paint stencilled /wire bullion
  9. Grandads-Kitbag

    Cloth formation badges

    WEST AFRICAN DIVISION . Can only confirm manufactured / Printed
  10. Grandads-Kitbag

    Cloth formation badges

    H.Q 21st Army Group Manufactured Printed /embroidered./ silk woven ?? ( can any one confirm silk woven this please? )
  11. Grandads-Kitbag

    WWII British Headgear Guide

    Pictures of an original post war Commando Beret ( code stamp R )
  12. Grandads-Kitbag

    Cloth formation badges

    War Office Control units. manufacted printed / embroidered / silk woven
  13. HI good evening , had this badge a long while but as yet unidentified ?the design looks like cross skis ? are the letters Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Royal Marines ?? badge has been worn and could actually be beret insignia.......... your thoughts please ?
  14. Pte A.H CAYGILL WESTRIDING ( YORKSHIRE ) HOME GUARD / Bradford unit . This is the only example I have ever seen awarded to a Home Guard man , I have done a bit of checking with the clever medal type guys and they say he would have to have been killed - not died from sickness fior his Next of Kin to have been give this ? Another unsual fact , this unit with the designation ` Westriding ` should have been badges Duke of Wellingtons Regt but were for some reason unknown West Yorks Regt . hope this is of interest , your comments as always welcome
  15. HI , gents , the ` CAPS COMFORTER` has been around since long before the Great War , They can be found in period photos as far back as the 1890`s,. They were designed originally as a head cover for sleeping out in the field but because of the comfort and versatility became a general item of field wear. The Commando units and other special forces adopted these purely for practical reasons as tin helmets made noise if they clanged or banged . For many years these were a rare hard to obtain item think I payed £80.00 quid for mine back in the late 1980`s - they just wernt about and any that did survive - like the wool issue jumpers were usually knacked - the moths love them. Over the last five years many have turned up - there every where , alot of these have come from ancient redundent army stores depots in Israel ( Israel bought up huge quantities of kit and equipment from any one and any where whilst trying to build up their army in the years after WW.2 ) you can get a good early dated example for less than 30 quid kind regards ,Michael