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  1. Do you know how the Tiger tank was taken out.?
  2. Apologies...make that an M132 album.🙄
  3. I have a large DRB photo collection but only two photos show this kind of badge. Here is one example. Cheers, Larry
  4. Nice posts Gentlemen! Cheers, Larry
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    Aviso Grille

    Thank you.
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    Leichte Kreuzer

    Crew member. Cheers, Larry
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    Schwere Kreuzer

    Crew member. Cheers, Larry
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    Aviso Grille

    Crew member. Cheers, Larry
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    Aboard Horst Wessel. Cheers, Larry
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    From the other side.
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    VP-1306 aground. Cheers, Larry