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  1. Artillerieschulboot Bremse.🙂
  2. Nice collection Eduardo! The red on blue Flugmelder patch I have not seen before. Here are some late additions to my collection. Cheers, Larry
  3. Hi Morten, I have seen photos of the blue Stäbe patch on the white uniform but have not yet seen a white patch on the white uniform. Do you or anyone else have a photo showing white patch on white uniform? Here are the two patches in my collection. Cheers, Larry
  4. Thanks Morten, The good ones are becoming hard to find now. Cheers, Larry
  5. An update on my collection. Still looking for a yellow on blue Steuermannsobermaat patch.
  6. Nice photo Morten. I have never seen a photo like this before. Cheers, Larry
  7. Unterseebootsflottille Hundius. Cheers, Larry
  8. Hi Kevin, Thank you very much for the information you posted. It looks like it could be a very expensive exercise to research V-1306 unless NARA has specific information regarding V-1306 on one roll. Cheers, Larry
  9. Hi Kevin, I forgot to add that there is a photo showing kills painted on the front of V-1306's bridge. They include 4 aircraft and 1 MTB. Possibly MTB 434? Cheers, Larry
  10. Hi Kevin, I own Täuber's photo album. All photos show life aboard V-1306 and also a large segment showing a burial ceremony. There are two photos showing members of 13 V.P. Flottille KIA 1.7.43. Also a photo of a crewman with a severe head wound but no dates on the back of photos. Also a couple of photos showing V-1306 which has run aground on a reef. I know V-1306 survived the war. Cheers, Larry
  11. Two award certificates to Walter Täuber who served aboard V1306 Otto-Krogmann. V1306 served under 13 Vorpostenbootflottille. Cheers, Larry