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  1. Larry

    Tram Girls

    Nice Strassenbahn photos. You are in good company here. I also collect TR Civil and Paramilitary photos. Please show more from your collection. Cheers, Larry
  2. Great photo showing M.V.D duty armbands. Cheers, Larry
  3. Schlachtschiff Gneisenau. Panzerschiff Scharnhorst.
  4. Hi Morten, Your Komandantur Wilhelmshaven tally photo is the third "Kommandantur" photo in this thread. They are rare. Also very nice Torpedoboot Albatros photo. Here is a Torpedoboot Leopard tally photo. Cheers, Larry
  5. General Frithjof von Hammerstein-Gesmond. Any ideas on what foreign decorations he is wearing. Cheers, Larry
  6. I forgot to scroll down to the bottom of the thread. Seems we both contributed photos there.. Cheers, Larry
  7. Hi Morten, I found this link with some useful information. http://gmic.co.uk/topic/20501-luftwaffe-general-luftzeugmeister-quotglquot/ Cheers, Larry
  8. Hi Morten, That is a nice photo. Every General Luftzeugmeister photo that I have seen has different insignia or the same insignia but not in the same place on the uniform. One sees G on one collar and L on the other in some photos, but in your last photo the GL is on the right collar. Also the GL badge is not worn in your last photo but has been replaced with small pin type metal insignia. His tunic pocket flaps are of the scalloped type which remind me of the Austrian pre-war uniform. Your top photo shows the Luftwaffe eagle worn on the tunic but seems to be missing in the other two photos. Also GL is on his shoulder straps. So it would seem that there wasn't any uniform/insignia standardisation in that organisation. Cheers, Larry
  9. Very nice and uncommonly seen photo. Here is one from my collection. Cheers, Larry
  10. Hi Justin, Incredible collection with some really hard to get patches. Cheers, Larry
  11. HI Alexander, It is amazing that after all this time buildings that were old at the time the photo was taken are still standing today. Cheers, Larry
  12. My pleasure. It looks like German troops are standing quite a way off shore and that is exactly what they are doing. Captions on the back of the photos state that it was -30 deg. F. when the photos were taken and that the sea had frozen solid enabling them to walk quite a way out to sea. Cheers, Larry
  13. A little more about the last two patches from Angolia & Schlict's Die Kriegsmarine - Uniforms & Traditions vol. 2.