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  1. Hi Pierce, many thanks !
  2. Hi to all,guys just bought ! But exactly which Ribbons are ? The seller told me they are Austrian ribbons.
  3. Milit73

    Who's there?

    Hi to all ! I'm REI ( Royal Italian Army ) ex collector and now collect only Wehrmacht Heer items. I like all items,especially German dogtags and everything related to the Italian front and the last period of war. I also like to build mannequins with my uniforms. My name is Michele and I'm Italian from Verona,the city of Romeo and Juliet near Lake of Garda. I apologize in advance for my bad English !
  4. Hi to all, I'm desperately looking for information on this soldier. I found, on the net, that was "Abteilungadjutant i Aufklarungsabteilung der Panzer Regiment 33 in Istrien" but this military unit has never been in Istria. Maybe "Aufklärungs Abteilung (mot.) 33" ? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Hi to all, great find and great MG ammo tin. Beautiful also the written but I do not know the meaning.