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  1. Thank you Hans! Yes, documents are very nice to collect :)! Although I primarily collect Soviet documents, German ones are still very nice!
  2. Aleksander P

    What represents your Avatar?

    Looks very nice Bart!
  3. Aleksander P

    Minty Klein&Quenzer...

    Nice badge indeed!
  4. Aleksander P

    Wound Badge in Black

    Thanks Jan. Here are some more pics.
  5. No problem Eric. Indeed he doesn't...
  6. Aleksander P

    Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd class.

    Thank you! I really want to get 1st class one someday.
  7. Aleksander P

    Portraits of Russian Soldiers

    One from my collection. Not really a "studio" portrait and with a group of soldiers, but I like the look of M35 Gymnasterka's that they are wearing.
  8. Aleksander P

    Portraits of Russian Soldiers

    I'll add some here and possibly later ones from my collection. My HDD is filled with Soviet era photos, so these are just one's that I found with a quick glance.
  9. Aleksander P

    Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd class.

    Thank you Bart! My Russian is poor and I used Auke de Vlieger's services to translate the award citation for me, but I can help in normal instances in translating Russian here. Also I'm sure my girlfriend would love to help too, she is an ethnic Russian. Thank you Steve! These awards are very nice indeed and I enjoyed the story of this particular one. I will keep sharing my further awards here.
  10. Aleksander P

    Finnish Order Cross of Liberty 1939

    Thanks Hans! I need to get a 1918 one :).
  11. My only one . I got it from Rovaniemi and the guy who sold it said, that it was brought to the store by a former Lotta Svärd member. She must have been dating a German soldier who gave this as a gift to her. Maybe something to help her remember him, before the German army had to leave Finland and retreat to Norway?
  12. Aleksander P

    Request a Forum or Category

    I'll do my best to Bart !
  13. Aleksander P

    Request a Forum or Category

    Thank you for clearing that up and I understand. We need more Soviet collectors here !