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    Become a "Forum Patron" to gain access to more features and extra's!
    What extra's come with the "Forum Patron" Membership?

    • You'll receive a Rank insignia beneath your username when you post and be granted the title of Forum Patron.
    • You'll receive access to Forum Raffles!
      • Take part in Raffles meant for Enlisted Members and exclusive Patron Raffles!
    • You'll receive access to Downloads!
    • You'll receive unique Discounts and Free Products in the Store!
    • You'll receive access to Gallery!
      • You'll receive extra options such as creating Private Albums and Friend-Only Albums.
    • You'll be able to customize your profile!
      • You'll be able to upload a background image for your profile (maximum filesize of 5000 kb).
      • You'll be able to use a signature!
      • You'll be able to upload an Avatar to a max. filesize of 1000 kb.
    • You'll be able to send Attachments via Private Messages!
    • You'll receive a higher maximum limit of store-able Private Messages!
      • You'll be able to store 500 Private Messages
    • You'll be able to give a maximum of 20 Positive Reputations within 24 hours.
    • You'll have an unlimited limit to post Forum Attachments!
    • You'll be able to Upload per post a maximum of 15 MB (total filesize of the Attachments in 1 post).
    • You'll be able to Edit your posts up to 150 minutes after posting!
    • and of course support Historical War Militaria Forum!

    Please note: You have the option to renew automatically or not.
    Need Help? Learn more about The Invoice Flow (Timeline of Invoicing / Payment) or How to Cancel Automatic Renewal (IF You have previously selected this Option)