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Found 6 results

  1. Bronze Bust of famous WW2 RAF Ace pilot Douglas Bader who fought in the battle of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, credited with 22 enemy kills and other distinguished and heroic actions. This fine detailed bronze bust of RAF pilot ace Douglas Bader shows his calm yet focused facial expression while looking at the skies, wearing his leather flying jacket, cap and flying goggles, his radio and air mask hanging from his neck. This bronze bust sculpture is mounted on a solid marble base with the RAF insignia and symbols on all sides. Dimensions: Height: 27 cm (10.62 inches) Width: 15 cm (5.9 inches) Weight: 4 Kg (8.8 lbs)
  2. I thought you guys might like this.... In conjunction with a French historian and publisher, I am currently researching a major RAF bombing operation which took place in Normandy days after D-Day in June 1944. We have conducted a few location field visits of the target area, and have located some nice finds of German origin. Major Panzer elements were targeted in this attack. The story starts with the secret code breakers of Ultra, based at Bletchley Park. This picture is a copy of the actual Enigma intercepted coded message, which was broken and translated, before being urgently passed to the relevant Intelligence agency, and London for evaluation by the War Office and ultimately Churchill... This Enigma intercept started a flurry of action and planning, before the execution of a major RAF bombing raid on German forces in Normandy. I will post more relating to this project for anybody interested in reading it...
  3. About 5 years ago, my French friend and colleague located a crashed WW2 aircraft in the mud and silt of the river Orne in Normandy. After spotting something sticking out of the mud in the Orne estuary near Caen at low tide he decided to investigate. He could see only small parts of the legendary Spitfire plane at the site, close to the D-Day landmarks of Sword Beach and Pegasus bridge, however it was enough to start an incredible recovery project. My colleague has vast experience in Archaeology and recovery, however had never recovered an aircraft from the mud and silt of a river before. Recovery planning started, and target research uncovered a tragic WW2 story, which was later published in the Daily Mail. The main recovery problem was that the team could only dig the site at low tide. They overcame this problem with a brilliant idea, which not only worked, but was gentle on the relic airframe, preserving history. For anybody interested, I will post about this incredible find, it is a remarkable story. The picture below shows the location site marked at high tide. I have a picture journal of the entire recovery.
  4. ReichFeldpost

    RAF Pilot Sketches

    I have posted this before on another forum, but thought that you guys might like to see these sketches. Whilst researching for the 'Quest for a Panzer' project, I was trawling through RAF Squadron documents at the National Archives, when I stumbled across an RAF Squadron Diary, for one of the Typhoon squadrons involved with the attack. This was an incredible find, as I was able to cross reference detail from the Squadron Mission Reports, along with entries from the diary. It would seem that this diary was a personal squadron record of daily events by the pilots, and that each squadron member took a turn of writing the diary memoirs, with each turn taking a week (as per entries in the record). There was one pilot in particular, a Canadian named Macintosh, who alongside his very detailed and articulate entries, would sketch little cartoons, making light hearted humour of the situation that the squadron pilots found themselves in. These sketches show a lighter side of what must have been a very stressful time for these brave men. These are the first couple of sketches in a series. It is probable that these sketches haven't been seen before by many, as they were tucked away in this squadron diary for the best part of 70 years. I thought that they needed to be seen, rather than lay tucked away for ever. The first sketch, titled 'The Spartan' shows the joy of living in tents, as pilots took turns in sleeping in tents on 'Readiness' in cold and windy fields, ready to scramble, just yards from their aircraft. The second sketch titled 'Shooting the big eye' shows what I perceive as a bit of light hearted banter aimed at a squadron member who had bulbous eyes. In this sketch he is flying his Typhoon over Normandy and 'Shooting the big eye'..
  5. A group picked up local to me, though with no obvious connection to Wales. It consists of 3 letters from two men, one RAF from Egypt and the other RAMC from India, also a number of photographs, many from the jungle and Egypt and some post war of a RAF barracks and also a jet plane that the RAF man had flown in. It also contains a map from the start of WWII showing the front line in Europe. Also a poem about serving with the ARP and a montage picture of a cut down photo and a hand drawn background in a jeep. As it contains so many items I will post it in a number of posts. Firstly the photos and the map.
  6. info and a value if possible (Bart V. Note): "Please!"