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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, With the plethora of quality "Großdeutschland" photos, award documents and IDs being shared here on this great new forum I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can share and discuss our "Großdeutschland" related Soldbücher and Wehrpässe. I'll start the thread off by posting some of my Panzer and StuG related "Großdeutschland" IDs. These have been shown on other forums so they may not be 'new' to some of you, but for those who have not seen them I hope you enjoy viewing them :) First up is a Soldbuch to Johann Wollmann, a member of Sturmgeschütz-Batterie "Großdeutschland" and it was issued on 27.June 1940 through leichte-Art.Ers.Abt.116. Wollmann served first in the Stabsbatterie/Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 192 which, on 07.Feb.1941, was renamed Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung "Großdeutschland." After the renaming, Wollmann served initially in the 2.Batterie/StuG.Abt."Großdeutschland" then the Stabsbatterie, and finally from late 1944 through wars end in the Versorgungskompanie/StuG.Brigade "Großdeutschland" which, from September onwards was part of Panzergrenadier-Division "Brandenburg." Wollmann was awarded the black wound badge and EKII in late 1941 through StuG.Abt.192, then the eastern front medal in 1942 and the KVK.II with swords in January of 1944; both of these through StuG.Abt."Großdeutschland." The Soldbuch is chock full of entries including one that notes Wollmann received a P38 on 5.April 1945. There's an entry in Czech on page3 dated 10.May 1945: "Hlášen na pos. vel. (posádkovém velitelství) Tábor" (translation: Reported on garrison headquarters, city of "Tábor" ) and a second entry on page 8c: "Zbraně odevzdal v obci Bernardov okres K. Hora" which, when translated, says "Weapons handed over in the village of Bernardov, district Kutná Hora." It's difficult to see them in the scan but Wollmann's "GD" embroidered ciphers are definitely visible on his shoulder straps in his portrait photo.
  2. Hi Friends November 2014 I was finished with build new home for my Familly. 1 room is only for my small Collection(Big thanks to my wife and son:)). Unfortunately last year I had not time to work on the room. Here the Begin. I hope next time I can add some new Photos Regards Seba
  3. Show us your Grossdeutschland Division related Documents Hi Friends Here the best Award Document in my Collection.Vorlafiges Besitzzeugnis zum RK for Oblt Georg Bohnk Pz Fus Regt GD Document is showed in Scott Book and in book from Ralph Tegethoff Ritterkreuztrager des Pz Korps Grossdeutschland Regards Seba
  4. This is the newest Wehrpass in my collection that I received a couple of weeks back. It is to Josef Schlick who eventually reached the rank of Gefreiter before being killed in action in September 1943 while serving with Pz.Aufkl.Abt Großdeutschland. He joined the Heer in October 1941 and was assigned to 5 Schwadron of Kradschützen Btl GD in early 1942. After 2 months with 5 Schwadron he was reassigned to 2 Schwadron and it was while fighting with this unit that he became one of the very many casualties GD suffered in the heavy defensive fighting around Rzhev in September/October 1942, receiving schrapnel injuries and being sent to Reserve-Lazarett Ostrow for 7 days before spending a few months with a convalescent company in GD's Ersatz organisation. By this time Schlick had earned the Panzer Assault Bronze in Bronze & Wound Badge in Black (September & November 1942 respectively) Following recovery he returned to the newly renamed 2 Pz.Aufkl.Schwadron of Pz.Aufkl.Abt GD in the early days of 1943 and spent the following 9 months fighting in the numerous battles that GD became involved with including Kharkov, Kursk and Karachev. However on 6th September 1943 Schlick was killed near Oposchnja, in the vicinity of Kharkov and Belgorod, during the retreat from the Ukraine which saw GD split up to support various weak areas of the front. Josef Schlick does appear in the Volksbund Database but has no known grave. There are 2 main signatures in the WP. The first one is seen on the upper entries on Pages 22 & 23. I have seen this officers signature numerous times in Wehrpasse, Soldbucher and on Eastern Front Medal citations and is always linked with Ersatz Abt Schnelle Truppen Ersatz Brigade (mot.) Großdeutschland but I have been unable to identify who he is/was. If anyone recognises the signature I would be grateful for the information. The second signature seen on numerous entries is that of Günther Hummel, a Leutnant in 2 Schwadron and winner of the DKiG on 20th August 1943.
  5. Here a flag / banner , what is imo a post war reunion flag for veterans of the Grossdeutschland division after the war soldiers did't had a lot and sometimes they came together in silence to honour their old experiences together flags as there were used in the reunions have fun watching this rare post war piece regards Luftie
  6. After the ending of the last Hermann Historica auction in April/May Ian emailed me a link to an item in the 'Post-auction' sales section. The description stated that the set was for a member of IR Großdeutschland but there was just a single picture showing the set together as a pile of WP, SB, Führerschein, Dogtag, Grave photo & some assorted papers - in other words it didn't show any details of inside the Wehrpass or Soldbuch to help make an informed decision as to whether to go for it. Was the photo missing from the Wehrpass? Were pages missing from the Soldbuch? Any fake entries? Did he serve with other units for the majority of his service and only joining GD a few weeks before his death in late 1943 etc etc? The asking price was just 300 Euros which for a GD WP & SB set is a bargain as such sets are not exactly common items on the market (and even taking into account the extra 100 Euros for commission & postage it still only worked out at just approx £315.) But the low price kind of raised its own doubts about the set - if it was a 'proper' GD set with all the pages and no faked entries than why didn't it sell at the auction and why was the current asking price so relatively low (a bit of a cynical approach I'll admit)? But after thinking it through for 24 hours I decided that for that price it was worth a gamble so I sent off an email to HH asking to buy it. Long story only just shorter, 10 days later the set arrived and checking through the passes, I was happy to see all pages present and the Wehrpass still had its photo (the SB never had one due to him being killed in late 1943) but upon looking closer I was thrilled to see that not only was he a long term member of GD but that he also served with Infanterie-Lehr-Regiment in 1938/39 - one of the 3 main units that were used to form Infanterie Rgt GD in mid 1939 so it proved that he was in fact an original founding soldier of Großdeutschland.