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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, I have great difficulties finding soldbücher and/or wehrpässe from kriegsmarine medical personnel. If anyone should have some for share or sale I would be most happy to be contacted. Best regards, Hans Kristian
  2. Hi guys, I want to present a medical box here; it is labelled "Vorr.San.Ger.Kasten 11", which means Vorrat-sanitätsgerät kasten 11. Medical supply box 11. As you can see from the scans from the book "sanitätsgerät des feldheeres", it is the first resupply used for divisions and even armies. It consists of 2 "rooms", one is devided wich a shelf-like plate - as you can see this was used for the medical pouches for resupply. It was also used to house extra Sanitätstornister, as can also bee seen. What the small and narrow space in the middle was used for, I do not know - unfortunately. Does anybody here knows..?. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and any questions will be most welcome. Hans Kristian Open box Text View inside with devider removed; ie, you are seeing the bottom area where I have put my black pouches, And now with the devider in place and more pouches on top. And ofcourse the tornister. From the book, description about the organisation..
  3. Gentlemen; Here is my new soldier, ready to be mounted on a nice mannequin as soon as I get one small enough, AND after finishing to apply the insigna that, as u can see, is lying on the trousers. I hope you will like the setup, and once complete, he will ofcourse appear again here.. Thanks for looking.!!.. Hans Kristian (yes, I know, i forgot the gas-mask.!!..)
  4. Hi guys, Here is one of my latest aquisitions; a Deutsche afrika korps schiffchen, sanitäter, with all original insignia including the waffenfarbe soutache. Probably from a depot, as it looks completely unworn, no traces of grease or dirt anywhere. It is a Clemens Wagner, one vent hole, size 56. If you need other pics, please let me know. Enjoy.!!.. Hans Kristian Close-up of eagle and stiching.. Vent hole... Maker markings inside and size marking..
  5. Hello Guys, I just came over this pic from my collection, and it illustrates one of the problems associated with collecting medical gear...and, 2 big boxes are missing from the pictures...maybe I should see someone about this problem..??.. Best, Hans Kristian
  6. Hi guys, I have these boards, EM WH and medic. IF they are original, they are made a little sloppy, at least one of them. Waffenfarbe OK, made with rayon it seems... Any comments on originality is most welcome, as I am in doubt. Best, Hans Kristian
  7. Hey guys, This is my first pair of early boards, so I would very much appreciate your opinion on them. Best, Hans Kristian
  8. Hi guys, Just posted this in the medical section..any comments most welcome.. Hans Kristian http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/3628-early-wh-medic-hauptfeldwebel-shoulderboards/
  9. Hello guys, I have this soldbuch from a medic, Johann Keimel, attached to IR 307, II battalion, for some time in 1940. Must be while they were in Norway. There is an extra and nice pictures of him in full figure..!. Later he is attached to some res feld laz..I am not quite sure of the cronology.. In 1941 he is res laz 101 in Berlin, surgical department, getting his appendix removed, and there is some problems with his right femur..I cannot make it out.. In 1944 he is in the "Berlin-???", abtlg II, chirurg, for "-29-" ..??..whatever that is...? On the front of the Soldbuch and on page 1, there is a scribble in the upper right corner, the same, something about the 29th of march 1945. Was he discharged..?.. Interesting (Jan B..!!), he did not get any weapons..only some medical equipment that I cannot make out. And he has a lot of clothing handed out..loong lists, even applied an extra piece of paper...But ofcourse, from 1939 to 1945..it takes some clothing. I would like any comments and clarification, please..! Best Hans Kristian
  10. Hi guys, I posted this one in the medical forum... Thanks for any response..!!.. Hans Kristian http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/3409-soldbuch-medic-ir-307/?p=15363