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Andrew Arthy

Kurt Bühligen eArticle now available

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I thought I'd bring to the attention of the forum our new article on Kurt Bühligen, wartime fighter pilot and final Kommodore of Jagdgeschwader 2, which can now be downloaded from this location.


The basic outline of Kurt Bühligen's story is well known, with his rise from mechanic to Geschwaderkommodore over the course of just a few years. However, we've conducted extensive research in order to present more than just the basics. The 6,000 word article is based on many sources, including British, American, and German documents, and interviews with the man himself. Although he was a high-scoring Luftwaffe ace, to date Kurt Bühligen has received scant attention from historians, and we believe our article fills a gap in the literature. It was an enjoyable task to reveal more about this very modest man (and his modesty made him harder to research - unlike so many of his contemporaries, he received very little post-war attention, so that made it a lot more difficult to find information about him).

As with all our eArticles, the text is accompanied by lots of photographs and artwork. We've also included a full list of the various sources used.
As part of our promotion for the article, our latest blog post includes a short section from a II./Jagdgeschwader 2 'home movie', featuring Kurt Bühligen and another man we've written about in the past, Fritz Schröter.
We hope you like the new eArticle.
All the best,
Andrew A.
Air War Publications - http://www.airwarpublications.com

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