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Miami Vice

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Miami Vice was essential viewing back in the day!  Brings back a lot of memories!

I remember especially the soundtrack, which often featured some really obscure bands which would never of otherwise been broadcast.  

There was something so different about 80's TV to that of today, and although my 14 year old Son would cringe at watching an episode, he would appreciate the music of bands such as DEVO, B-52's and FOTN playing in the background.

Regards Richard.

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Dear Richard, I must admit that I - when I've the time - I enjoy to see the more older TV-shows .. They are certainly not the type of shows they make anymore, sometimes you still look at it like with many question marks and question that people actually thought it was realistic back then but now I spend more looking at the dialogues and overall just try to enjoy it than use the "TV-Show" criteria + requirements mentally we have today (that everything has to be perfect, realistic, etc.) for all the news series and movies that come out. I love the 80's mentally that they just didn't care.. However I must admit when I was young I liked to watch MacGyver but for one weird reasons I just can't stand it now anymore. Maybe it is because I'm in the army now and that paperclip magic of his isn't working the way I saw it in the show LOL. 

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That was the show to watch back in the day. I think everyone had that soundtrack! To me now it's not as good as I thought it was but still definitely worth watching.


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