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Bart V.

Reviewers needed

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Dear members,


I also run in my free time an online history magazine (free) named Argunners Magazine. Here various articles are posted per month dedicated 

to World War I, World War II, Vietnam War and others.. Also news related to books, dvds, museums and so on.. Argunners Magazine

also posts reviews on books and they are read and used quite often. Since this is becoming very popular and more publishing houses contact me

to have books reviewed. Therefor I offer and ask if any of you, HWMF members, are willing to review books for Argunners Magazine? 

In return you receive various books for free, I only need a review in return. Just let me know if you are interested to do so and which type of books

you would be interested in.




Yours truly,

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Hi Bart,

             I would be interested in reviewing books for Argunners Magazine; basically anything on WW2 aviation - specialities are Luftwaffe fighter pilots, air war Eastern Front, Battle of Britain. I also have an article which might be of interest to you, on George Buchanan who was an RAF fighter pilot over Malta in 1942 - his son is a friend of mine and lent me his logbook. I can send you a copy of the article offline. 

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