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Naval & Military Press Book Discounts

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The UK based book seller Naval & Military Press tends to offer big discounts on books on a fairly regular basis. With that in mind it might be a good idea to use this thread for all their offers as and when they appear. The discount runs tend to be for a limited number of books.


First up is the latest offer. It is a limited discount run on 2 volumes of the book: 

For both volumes (total pages 612) the total cost (within the UK and including postage) is just £16.84. The two volumes are Volume 2 and the additional Map Book.



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Latest discounted offers include Donald Caldwell's LUFTWAFFE OVER GERMANY Defence of the Reich for just £10 (£20 if you get it on Amazon) which is a very good book.



Also discounted is ARRIVAL OF EAGLES Luftwaffe Landings in Britain 1939-1945 by Andy Saunders and is listed for £6.

ARRIVAL OF EAGLES Luftwaffe Landings in Britain 1939-1945



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The latest offer is for GERMAN U-BOAT LOSSES DURING WORLD WAR II Details of Destruction which is priced at £7.50 (£11.35 including UK postage. They do mention this for those outside the UK - Overseas clients please note: Due to the high wrapped weight shipping is weighted on this title.)

To use the publishers description...

No other publication on this subject comes even close to including the amount of detail provided in this book. An introduction both summarizes previous works on the subject and describes the difficulties of obtaining and verifying information from either the Germans or the Allies on U-boat losses. The main part of the book lists by hull number each U-boat's date of commissioning, its commanding officer, and the date and port of departure for its last patrol. It also gives the date, position, and cause of loss of each submarine, with complete details on Allied units involved in the sinking, the names and ranks of their commanding officers and pilots, and the number of crew killed or rescued. An appendix neatly summarises data on the disposition of surviving U-boats at the end of the war and provides valuable statistical data on German U-boat losses.

Please login or register to see this attachment.

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The latest discount offering relates to the Army formations formed in Ulster. It is a 2 volume set called 'Ulster Will Fight' and covers the period 1886 to 1922.

The set consists of just under 1000 pages and is priced at £25 which is £34.99 below the published price.





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Latest offer is a deal in anyones book - a 3 volume illustrated history of 303 [Polish] Squadron for just £19.99 (plus postage). The actual publisher (Wing Leader) also has this 3 volume set on a discounted sale but they are charging £60 for the set so you can save £40 for the set of books.


From the sales ad:

A superbly illustrated series of three books illustrating 303 Squadron, one of the most famous fighter squadrons in history. With nearly 200 pages per volume, packed full of original wartime photos, fact boxes and biographies. A great modern squadron history. Published at £75 we have the full three volume set at an unrepeatable £19.99 Much has been written about the success of 303 Squadron in the Battle of Britain, but the entire history of the unit deserves description, not just those few glorious months of 1940. During the Battle of Britain, 303 Squadron was an elite unit in the most exact sense of the term, being formed almost entirely of well-trained and combat-experienced pilots and ground crews.

303 Squadron Book Set



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The latest sale has some interesting offers (see link below the images):

Tigers in Combat III being available for £28

German General on the Eastern Front (The letters and diaries of Gotthard Heinrici 1941-1942) for £2.99

Kubelwagon On All Frontlines for £12.50




N&MP Sale

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Current offer is for a WW-1 book - Tyneside Scottish

From sales thread..

Although called the Tyneside Scottish, very few of the men who made up this Brigade were of Scottish descent. Many came from local villages or were from the Northumberland pits. They saw action at the Battle of the Somme and after it were allowed to put tartan behind their cap badges because of their bravery. Overseas clients please note: Due to excessively high wrapped weight shipping is weighted on this title. 

£3.99 for 320 pages





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Latest offer:

Totenkopf: The Structure, Development and Personalities of the 3.SS-Panzer-Division Volume 1 by Mark Yerger (over 500 pages)

Prices on Amazon  range from £30 to £60.

On offer here for £17.99


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Latest offering is one for those interested in the fighting on the Western Front in 1945.

ONSLAUGHT ON HITLER’S RHINE Operations Plunder and Varsity March 1945 by Patrick Delaforce - just £4.99

Publisher's blurb...

Beginning on the night of 23 March 1945, Operation Plunder was the crossing of the River Rhine at Rees, Wesel, and south of the Lippe River by the British 2nd Army, under Lieutenant-General Miles Dempsey. At 17:00, 1,300 guns of the 21st Army Group unleashed a terrific bombardment of the east bank of the Rhine. The bombardment, continuing for four hours and was the largest undertaken by the Royal Artillery during the War. This was just the first phase of Montgomery s plan to cross Hitler s last obstacle to the attacking forces of the Western Allies the River Rhine. The plans were broken into smaller operations, Turnscrew a diversion ten miles to the north of where the main attack was to take place with the assault elements of the 51st (Highland) Division and 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade; Widgeon a subordinate operation by 1st Commando Brigade to capture and hold Wesel; and Torchlight the second major operation for 15th Scottish Division to capture the key area between Bislich and Rees. A fourth and controversial component with the benefit of hindsight was Operation Varsity consisting of the British 6th Airborne Division and the US 17th Airborne Division, conducting parachute landings on the east bank in support of the operation. The American and Canadian forces south and north of Plunder were part of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery s huge army. This was part of a coordinated set of Rhine crossings and the race to the Baltic.

Book ordered here - Onslaught On Hitler's Rhine



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Latest offering will appeal to those who are interested in the lesser known battles on the Eastern front.

CONFRONTING CASE BLUE Briansk Front’s Attempt to Derail the German Drive to the Caucasus, July 1942 by Igor Sdvizhkov - priced at just £12.99

Sales narrative:

While David Glantz gave us a broad perspective of Case Blue that lasted for over two months in his "To the Gates of Stalingrad", Mr Sdvizhkov takes a more narrow perspective. His book looks at one particular Soviet counter offensive that lasted a week and had the objective of isolating then destroying the German bridgehead on the Don in the Voronezh sector. The author does a very good job of describing not only the operational attacks but also the reasons why the Soviet progress didn't meet up with its expectations: poor planning, poor leadership, poor preparations, poor logistics, poor training, insufficient weaponry and poor communications between infantry, armour and air. Sdvizhkov also presents a thoughtful after action report that includes a discussion of the disappearance of General Liziukov. There are ten small area coloured maps that are well populated and will be helpful in following the action. An extensive Appendix, Bibliography and Index follows.
The author, Igor' Sdvizhkov, takes a close look at the attempt by the Briansk Front's Operational Group Chibisov to collapse the northern shoulder of the German drive to the Caucasus - north-west of Voronezh - in July 1942. Using both previously classified Soviet documents and German documents, Sdvizhkov focuses in particular on General A.I. Liziukov's role in the counteroffensive as commander of the 2nd Tank Corps after his 5th Tank Army was disbanded following failed counterattacks in early July. The Soviet attacks led to nine days of heavy see-saw fighting involving tens of thousands of men and hundreds of tanks and guns on both sides, and threatened to isolate the German forces holding Voronezh. Sdvizhkov also describes the German reaction to the initial penetration made by Operational Group Chibisov's offensive: a counterattack primarily with the forces of the 9th Panzer Division, which at the time of the new Soviet offensive, was in a reserve position - serving as a fire brigade. The German riposte blunted the Soviet attacks and encircled elements of Operational Group Chibisov, and ultimately stabilized the tottering German front north-west of Voronezh for the time being. General Liziukov would go missing during the 2nd Tank Corps' attack, and the author discusses why the Briansk Front and Operational Group Chibisov Command initially made little or no effort to find the General, Stalin's suspicions surrounding General Liziukov's disappearance and the results of the official wartime investigation of the matter. Sdvizhkov also addresses the numerous controversies that later ensued due to erroneous and/or misleading recollections, as well as the total inability to locate General Liziukov or his remains. Carefully examining the available evidence, Sdvizhkov offers a cogent and persuasive explanation of what happened.





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Latest offer is relevant to current events and covers Rhodesia. The cheapest on offer on Amazon is £27 but for sale here for just £9.99.

THE EQUUS MEN: Rhodesia’s Mounted Infantry: The Grey’s Scouts 1896-1980

This work by accomplished military historian Alexandre Binda, former paymaster to the Grey's Scouts, tables the remarkable story of Rhodesia's mounted infantry, the Grey's Scouts. Working closely with the last commanding officer, squadron commanders and a whole host of regimental personalities, all of whom have given The Equus Men their unequivocal support Binda has enjoyed unparalled access to thousands of pages of archival documents and many hundreds of previously unpublished photographs. Here, he has traced the Grey's from their early origins in the Matabele Rebellion of 1896, where an ‘unassuming Englishman, the Honourable George Grey', found himself originating a body of horseman named the ‘Bulawayo Field Force', through to the formation of the Animal Transport Unit (ATU) which went on to become the Mounted Infantry Unit (MIU).

With the skill of a practiced narrator, Binda takes the reader through these early days to the establishment of the Grey's Scouts in the Rhodesian Army order of battle in 1976. Deployed to great effect during the bitter Rhodesian Bush War of the late 1960s - 1970s, the mounted operations conducted by the Grey's are succinctly and clearly detailed. Some of the contacts related make for astonishing reads and with the lively, vibrant, text one can almost feel the steaming sweat of rider and mount; sense the pounding adrenaline; hear the thundering hooves as a fearful enemy is pursued to battle's inevitable conclusion. 



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N&MP Books are currently having their winter sale with some very good prices - some are those listed above but with further discounts. Just some examples taken from MANY pages of book listings covering every area and arena of interest:



UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL The Reality of Close-Quarter Fighting in World War II - £3.99


BERLIN 1945 BATTLEFIELD GUIDE PART I The Battle of the Oder-Neisse - £6.39

NIGHT OF THE INTRUDERS The Slaughter of Homeward Bound USAAF Mission 311 - £3.99

PRUSSIAN APOCALYPSE The Fall of Danzig 1945 - £3.99


CONFRONTING CASE BLUE Briansk Front’s Attempt to Derail the German Drive to the Caucasus, July 1942 - £10.39

TIGERS IN COMBAT III Operation, Training, Tactics - £22.40


ITALIAN FOLGORE PARACHUTE DIVISION Operations in North Africa 1940-43 - £9.59

BATTLE FOR THE CHANNEL The First Month of the Battle of Britain 10 July- 10 August - £6.39


Naval & Military Press Book Sale

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