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J Slavick

What is: 1st Flieger Ergänzung Gruppe (See) & "BV-138-B1"

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Fellow collectors and researchers:

I am trying to piece together some information about a former crewman of HSK STIER. After getting rescued, I believe he was assigned in Nov 1942 to the Luftwaffe's 1st Flieger Ergänzung Gruppe (See). (Specifically: BV-138-B1 as a Flight Observer.)

I essentially know nothing about the Luftwaffe.  Can anybody provide me information about the 1st Flieger Ergänzung Gruppe (See) such as: where assigned, missions, aircraft...etc. etc...

Then what does the factoid: "BV-138-B1" mean?

Thanks so much in advance for any assistance.  


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I'll just copy my reply on WAF here for anyone who might be interested...

Here are some details for Flieger Ergänzung Gruppe (See)...

As stated in that link - 1./Fl.Erg.Gr.(See) with Do 18, He 115 and later BV138

I wouldn't be surprised if BV-138-B1 refers to the BV-138 flying boat with the B1 variant entering service in late 1940...


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