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What world war 2 main army uniform was best?

Which world war 2 uniform was best?  

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  1. 1. What world war 2 uniform was best

    • German
    • U.S.
    • Soviets
    • U.K.
    • Japan
    • Other

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I voted US, for the reason that the uniform was practical and stylish for the time. Then when they realized abroad it didn't stand up, they had the money and manufacturing to change it.The equipment was sturdy and enormously practical. But as a collector today I find it really boring compared to other Countries uniforms.

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Moved it to the Collector's Inn, maybe it is better there to have a general discussion then just the British & Commonwealth Uniform section.

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I go for German, and the effort made in the style, cut, and also the different camo schemes they had, yep a lot of work went into developing the German uniform, as they had great designers like Boss (future big name Hugo Boss in the 1990's) plus their equipment was way ahead of the rest, just great workmanship.



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It was for sure not British .I joined in 1986 and they were still wearing WOOL shirts.Now you may say ,oh nice and warm.These were so rough that you had to shave the inside of them.when yo went running you had to tape your nipples up so they would not bleed.

  So British (NO) not for me but the cut of a Third reich uniform is something else. Best regards Pete

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I voted for Great Britain.

Of course, this is a generalised construct (if not provincial) and not by intention a comparison of specific derivatives from airborne smocks, jungle shorts to panzer wrappers, etc. That would be beyond me. Nor am I contemplating field gear, head-dress and other such affiliated items that comprise the make-up of a soldiers entire fighting order in dress.

Why? Well, the British Battledress (BD), whilst fairly drab to the eye and not as becoming as some attire - the concept in design certainly stood the test of time.

I believe it was first introduced in around 1936* (revised patterns followed) and was still in use until the early 1970s by some countries - the British Army retiring it in c. 1961. 

(*field trials)

It was actually for its day a rather intelligent and a competent effort by design; in fact ahead of its time with accommodating curved sleeves for driving and shooting postures. It wasn't made to look fashionable, no, but devised to be practical and comfortable - with further tailored or manufacturing changes as time progressed. 

And not to mention the eventual BD influence in the guise of the Germans M1944 field blouse, and indeed inspiration regarding the Americans "Ike"Jacket, too. It is also known that "Dunkirk" salvaged stores of BD blouses were issued and indeed commended by U Boot crews for the use within their working environment. Another attribute of the BD component was that is was designed to still be warm when wet.

And - as a note of interest - many contemporary uniforms (specific Dress) worn to this very day owe its origins and evolution to the British Battledress. Also, in addition the Commonwealth made derivatives of the BD.

So, if we're talking WW2 uniform comparisons and on the scale of general ''cum'' standard issue in use for reasons of: practicality, versatililty (as not only on the ground but compatible in overall usage within vehicles to aircraft and operational environments) and indeed manufacturing; plus, affordability during wartime. Then, it's got to be the BD, in my not very uniform informed opinion.

Whilst it would appear other main Nations at war devised and customised their general uniforms during the war more-so, like the US.

However, the Americans were not alone, the Germans were far from an exception with alterations (from a production means to understood and developed improvements in design) pertaining to a standard uniform on the whole, when compared to the already existing BD overall generic concept. And despite appearances and camouflage initiatives they were somewhat lacking until later years in the development around what was a previously rooted and dated overall design - to my limited reckoning. 











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