5. Fallschirmjäger Division documents / Battle of Prüm (Germany)

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Hi guys,

I search for documents of the 5. Fallschirmjäger Division related to the battle of Prüm (Germany) in February / March 1945. For the most part Soldbucher and Wehrpasses. Or deathcards and photographs. Everything is welcome. Also items related to the 2nd Panzer Division and 326 and 18th Volksgrenadier Division with a 1945 connection.

I also look for US documents in this time frame. Units: 4th Infantry Division and 11th Armored.

Not just original material but also After Action reports and such are welcome. There every bit of material and information is used for research purposes.


Thanks in advance,

Nick Trommelen


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I have many 4th ID records from the Prum timeframe. Many of the intelligence documents include information taken from PW interrogations. I went through some today just to confirm. There is pretty good information regarding the German units fighting around Prum, especially elements of 5FJD. Let me know if you would like copies.

Best, Shawn

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