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Landa, you won't get a response to your question, as just one image (but what I can see of one part that may have a problem) cannot determine if is good or bad!      You need to take images of the inside, also supply the lot number, the factory code and size, also you need to take a good clear close up, and straight on alignment of the decal.  All these images are required to see if the helmet is totally original, and has not be mess with. 




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I can give a guess as to lean one way or the other. 

-Its a pre M42 

-The strap is the right color and shade

-The vent hole is flared correctly by the looks of it.

-Its not too shiny which is a common mistake by fakers. 

-It shows signs of wear(though that can be reproduced, just not easily)

-The flare on the bill looks a bit off (but that could just be the angle of the camera).

Conclusion: I lean more towards it being authentic, but can't be certain, I think that the wires were put there post-war, since there is not usually that fat wire above the bill. 

Like PioneerRAE said, you can't be certain unless more photos are provided 


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