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Who can I trust? Golden Party Badges

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I'd really like to own a Golden Party badge, but I'm totaly new to collecting.

I've seen one for sale that has a really low party number here - http://www.war-medals.com/medal-pictures/mc313.html

But I'm confused....

This party badge has a membership number of 461, but the "paperwork" says she joined in 1925.

Well, by 1923 the NSDAP had a membership of well over 20,000, maybe nearer 30,000 - so how could someone join 2 years later and have such a low number?

Also, if you think about it - Hitler was member 55 or 56, but had party number 555 originally - since they started at 500 to make the party look bigger - so where does 461 appear from?

Or how?

Not trying to ruffle feathers, etc - I just don't want to shell out good money for bad stuff, so is this badge right or not?

I'm struggling to work it out - all help greatly appreciated.





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1 minute ago, Richard Auld said:

This guy is considerably better than Bob or any of that gang on WRF or WAF.


He helped me with one I found (2501), if you search it on WAF you should find it but I have been banned a few times on there now, I think it is under Jockauld but could be another user name.

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Check out  this  site. It is full of  useful information  and certainly helps in  identifying fakes


IIt  can be quite  easy  to  ID fakes once  you  find out  the basics  and  what  to look  for on  originals.  These include  the "S" and the  "I" on  the  enamelling which  once  you  get  the hang of you  can  ID easily.

ErichS is  a great  help and is  a  fountain of  knowledge  and advised me  when  I purchased mine


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