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So I purchased several Imperial Tallies at the end of last year.  The deal was closed on Christmas and the items were shipping from a collector who was exiting the field.   He was residing in Thailand.  The package was posted and sent out.  The tracking number was provided.   Giving the benefit of the doubt; I awaited for my package to show up and present itself on the radar.  The USPS showed that it was notified of an upcoming package but that the host country (Thailand) hadn't exchanged it.   The Thai postal service said that it was sent on a transport in a village on the 27th of December.  That was it.   This was the process where it was stuck at.  I couldn't get any more information.   The seller provided me a tracking number, it was a valid number.  His communication with me was more than fine. I felt like he wasn't ripping me off.   There was no option to insure the package.   I had been so sad to think that some fairly rare tallies might be lost in the mail.  I was discouraged and a little heartbroken.  I ended up purchasing several other lots from this gentleman and they all made it through.  ( I purchased several of these right around the new year;  I even posted about them in my Imperial tallies of JustinG thread)   The other two lots made it through.  They were postmarked after the first package and they arrived in a fairly quick time. 

I had thought that the 5 tallies were lost.  Well, today I got notice that the package arrived in NYC and will hopefully be in my hands within a week or less.  I am elated.   I have had several items missing before from various postal systems.  It is a very dangerous and risky endeavor dealing with the many different Postal agencies around the world.   There is a definite risk to what we do and how items from one person go to another.  I am happy to report that it seems like this story will have a great ending.    


I just wanted to share that with you all.


Best Regards


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Great news Justin. I  can  just  imagine how  you  felt about losing  the package.  Looking  forward  to  you posting  your new  arrivals


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