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Fallschirmjager/Africa Wehrpass & Extras - A little bit of history

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Very nice little set to a long serving soldier who fought in Africa as a paratrooper. Originally joined the infantry in 1936, he served with various infantry regiments from 1936 to 1941 earning the Wound Badge in Black for injuries received on 14th June 1940. He then transferred over to the Luftwaffe and joined the paratroopers. After the relevant training he was awarded the Fallschirmschutzenabzeichen and eventually joined 2./FJR-5 in February 1942 which was earmarked for the invasion of Malta before shipping over to North Africa.

I could go in to the history of the unit while he served with it but this link does that much better than I could... FJR-5

He died on 5th December 1942, having been badly injured on 30th November in Tunisia. On the day he was injured I/FJR-5 attacked a large force of British paratroopers under John Frost at Depienne with 2.Kompanie being one of those used to attack frontally. This was the first time ever that British paratroopers fought against their German counterparts - Red Devils v Green Devils.


Also included with the Wehrpass is a photo showing the man in full Fallschirmjager equipment, a Death Card showing his Para Badge, a postcard showing a paratrooper leaping from an aircraft and addressed to a Josephine Kuchler, and some sort of A4 Heldentod piece of paper which has a nice portrait photo of him wearing all his awards/ribbons (same image as seen on the Death Card but much clearer.) This last item has a few rips including one hard to see in the image but circled in yellow.


*The red lines are obviously not on the actual items, it is just a crude form of watermark.


Gone to auction

Asking price includes payment fees and shipping.

Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer


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