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I'm not sure he was ever banned, I just thought he was laying low until the dust settled after his disgraceful grave digging programme.

Just like Pawel Novak, he is one that will seemingly never truely disappear. And some people will never learn when it comes to him.

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No he was banned before I was, (as Herr Flik or John Foxx) not sure which ID as I have been banned so many times on there. What I can't understand is the stupidity of the idiots that deal with him, as soon as you say you got an item from him in the real world then it is already questionable? Like throwing money in the fire? Fckuing idiots as there are other expensive outlets that you at least have a chance with? Nothing has changed up there is all I see? Same old guard leading the show, DD, Ade Stevens, Joc Lc, WilliZ, Norm,Maerz,Suter, and lastly Wood as he is head of the community forum and as such I would liken him to the Gestapo or Stazi in terms of his reach within that forum, his blind obediance is not much different to them. Nowak is harmless compared to that bunch, he is just a hanger on to the conditions they create. You know as well as me in about 10 years max none of this will be worth a fraction of what the clowns pay now or earlier?


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