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WW2 US Repo Uniforms

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Hi Guy's,

I have a friend who has a neat store that sells items for Man Caves (football, Bar, cast models, and some original Military items, and also weapon replicas like Dentex etc) and he has set up some nice window displays, and the theme is Military and now he needs to get his hands on some repo WW2 US repo uniforms to set up a full mannequin display of a combat US solider, So does anyone know of any good repo makers web sites I can put him on to. 

Thanks for any help,



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Hi, I did a quick search in Google. 





This one seems pretty good and a good quality.  I like that you can purchase all the little details and adjust as needed.

I assume you might have already tried this.   I don't have much experience with re-enacting or replicas.   Sounds like an interesting project.  

For the cost, he might look at some original stuff.  US service items are not that far priced.  Shoulder unit insignia are just one that comes to mind where you can get a pretty nice collection for not too much money (compared to Wehrmacht or german WW2 items) .

Best Regards,



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