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Rich you may have opened a can of worms.

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Rich,I saw you post referring to Life of Brian and dry British wit.Well sir,I love British comedy!This is one "yank" that prefers British television over the stuff being aired here in the US. No need to state that Monte python material is classic stuff yet still relevant and funny today.Now I must admit I am one of the lunatics who finds most of what Rowan  Atkinson hilarious.I could recite over and over all the British programs and movies I like to watch,but I would say hands down,based on what I view repeatedly, Are You Being Served? is my favorite.

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Well sir, you did open that can of worms.....along with severe looks from my wife 😉  I binged on Brit comedies yesterday! Faulty Towers,Are You Being Served?,Grace and Favour,Mr Bean,Dad's Army,allo allo,Vicar of Dibley,Open all Hours,Steptoe and son, and of course Monty Pytons Flying Circus.It was a grand day and did not do chore one,hence the dirty looks from the wife.

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