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Found this cleaning out an old garage

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There are some other things as well but this was interesting 1940 Dr. Robert Ley Und sein Wegg. In very good condition. Would love to get some information on it  if any of you know about it. I will try to post some other cool finds as I start going through the items.

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Many do not know that Heinrch Hoffmann was a prolific author as well as being Photoberichterstatter der Reichsleitung der NSDAP - (official photographer of the NSDAP Reich Leadership). Hoffmann also published a number of books that were Nazi Party related but not specific about  Adolf Hitler.Nice find and these books by Hoffmann are not as cheap as they used to be,I remember when I could pick them up for $5 or $10.Now they run $150 to $200 + depending on who the book is about.

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