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East Lancashires

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Following up on another thread:  http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/4830-east-lancs-cap-badge/



Some research into my Great Grandfathers war service came to a halt a couple of years ago. After finding his regiment and knowing him to be wounded in action, I was convinced he had returned from overseas duties in France & Flanders July/August of 1916. At that time and with no real pointers left has to which battalion he was serving with I just about gave up and agreed with my Father on his legacy and that the 'old man' even though wounded was one of the lucky one's who made it home.


However all that has now changed.


After more recent research and with some great help from the Lancashire Infantry Museum, it seems he was not actually serving in France at all but was part of the major force that landed on Gallipoli in 1915.


He was a member of the newly named (East Lancashire) 42nd division - 126 brigade. He somehow survived the slaughter of Gallipoli but was injured at a point between the retreat and later advancement into Mesopatamia (modern day Iraq).


Some further research required.



His medal card below shows his campaign medals. WW1 Victory medal - British War Medal. No 1914-15 star was awarded. He was also awarded a Silver War Badge (shown highlighted on the card) as a result of his wounds/honorable discharge from the Army. I'm told the War Badge was also given to be worn on civilian dress to prevent 'white feathers' from being given to men in civilian clothes by the young ladies of the time. So as not to be mistaken as cowards.



Please login or register to see this attachment.


Please login or register to see this attachment.










I'm hoping at some point to be able to track down his medals but to be honest i don't really think there will be much chance of ever finding them.


Thanks for looking




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Great stuff Dani and excellent that you could find out this information.

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Thanks Jerry




Another twist in the tale.


There was something not quite right about his battalion after all. Not the 42nd division - 126 brigade as believed, and I had convinced myself up until this point. A couple of things did not seem to fit well here. The timeline between the Gallipoli retreat and the time leading up to his wounding in battle didn't seem to fit.



He was in fact part of Kitchener's 'New Army' K1. 6th (service) Battalion 38th Brigade - 13th (Western) Division.




from the website:


The Division took part in the following actions on Gallipoli:

  • The Battle of Sari Bair, 6-10 August 1915
  • The Battle of Russell's Top, 7 August
  • The Battle of Hill 60, ANZAC, 27-28 August

Soon afterwards the Division was transferred from ANZAC to Suvla Bay. It was evacuated from Suvla 19-20 December 1915, whereupon the infantry moved after a weeks rest to the Helles bridgehead.


  • The last Turkish attacks at Helles, 7 January 1916

On 8-9 January 1916, the Division was evacuated from Helles and by 31 January was concentrated at Port Said. The Division held forward posts in the Suez Canal defences.

12 February 1916 : began to move to Mesopotamia, to strengthen the force being assembled for the relief of the besieged garrison at Kut al Amara. By 27 March, the Division had assembled near Sheikh Sa'ad and came under orders of the Tigris Corps. It then took part in the attempts to relieve Kut. After these efforts failed and Kut fell, the British force in the theatre was built up and reorganised.




From this I can only narrow down his wounding between, 27 March 1916 up until his discharge 22nd July that same year.







Great website for all trying to research the British Army in the Great War.











Thanks Jane




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