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Gliederung 5. Fallschirmjäger division

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Below is the Gliederung for the 5th Fallschirmjäger division as far as I have worked it out by now.

If anyone has additional info, like more officer names and pictures of them, please feel free to post them in this thread.

Refrences used: Lexikon d. Wehrmacht, Letzter Lorbeer/Gerhard Martin, Das Ritterkreuz.de, Axis History forum, Bundesarchiv, Die Woche der Entscheidung/Klaus Ritter.

/// Please don't randomly copy this list and post it somewhere else, put a lot of work in it, thanks. \\\


Gliederung 5. Fallschirmjäger division.

- Stab 5. Fallschirmjäger division

- Fallschirmjäger regiment 13

- Fallschirmjäger regiment 14

- Fallschirmjäger regiment 15

- Fallschirm artillerie regiment 5

- Fallschirm flak abteilung 5

- Fallschirm panzerjäger abteilung 5

- Fallschirm pionier bataillon 5

- Fallschirm luftnachrichten bataillon 5

- Fallschirm sanitäts bataillon 5

- Fallschirm granatwerfer bataillon 5

- Fallschirm feldersatz bataillon 5

- Fallschirm nachschubkompanie 5

Attached unit: 11. Fallschirm Sturmgeschütz Brigade


The 5. Fallschirmjäger division was formed in the vicinity of Reims (France) on March

the 2nd 1944. It was formed by troops of the Fallschirmjäger-Lehr-Bataillon,

III./Fallschirmjäger regiment 3, III./Fallschirmjäger regiment 4 and new

recruits. The transfer from Reims took place in Mai 1944 and the division was

send to the vicinity of Rennes in Bretagne (France). After the Allied landings

in Normandy the division still in its build-up phase was send to the frontline

in the region of St. Lô and Aire on the Vire river. After almost 2 months of

combat in Normandy the remnants of the division were encircled in the Falaise

corridor, where only very few could escape capture.

All that was left of the division formed into a “Kampfgruppe” and retreated towards

Trier in the German Eifel area. Here in September 1944 it participated in a

short battle for the Wallendorf bridgehead, reinforced by the Polizei Bataillon

“Laon”, where together with the 2nd Panzer and Panzer Lehr division

successfully drove the Americans back on the Luxembourg side of the Our river.

In October and November 1944 the division was rebuild in Holland in the area of Den Haag.

After the (re)build up in Holland the division almost was at full strength

again. And it was ordered to participate in the Ardennes offensive which was

scheduled for 16 December 1944.

The division was ordered to breakthrough in the region between Stolzembourg and

Vianden/Bettel in Luxembourg. After the artillery preparation on the early

morning of December 16th 1944 the Fallschirm Pionier Bataillon 5

prepared bridges over the Our river near Vianden and Roth a.d. Our, where the

15th and 13th Fallschirmjäger regiment crossed the river

successfully. The town of Vianden itself was taken in the early morning of the

16th by the 4th company of the 5. Fallschirm Pionier

Bataillon under the command of Leutnant Hans Prigge, who later fell near


To the north of Vianden near Stolzembourg elements of the 14th

Fallschirmjäger regiment crossed the Our river by footbridges and boats. The 11th

Fallschirm Sturmgeschütz Brigade who was attached to the division crossed the

Our on a shallow part of the river near Stolzembourg as well.

The division was the only one in the Ardennes offensive who achieved their

objective: a defensive line south of the town of Bastogne. By the end of December

1944 the US third army under the command of Patton broke through the lines of

the division and by January 1945 the division was on a retreat through

Luxembourg, where it reached the village of Dasburg on the German side of the

border by the end of the month.

In early February 1945 the division was send to an resting area in the vicinity of Schwirzheim

/ Duppach / Lissendorf, just behind the town of Prüm in the Eifel.

With the US VIII corps advancing on Prüm fast in early February 1945 elements

of the division were send to an defensive line between the towns of Gondenbrett

and Olzheim just short before Prüm.

On February 8th the US 4th infantry division broke

through the lines of the 5th Fallschirmjäger division and they were

thrown back behind the Prüm river on the 12th of February 1945. The

division (only 1000 men strong at this time) stayed here until early March 1945

when a new American offensive started (Operation Lumberjack).

A large part which was left of the division, together with its commander

Generalmajor Ludwig Heilmann was captured near Nürnburgring on mid-March 1945.

Some elements, for the most part consisting of the Fallschirmjäger regiment 15

and the 5th Fallschirm pionier bataillon managed to retreat to the

Harz area of mid-Germany, where finally the division ceased to exist.


Stab 5. Fallschirmjäger division


1 April 1944/15 October 1944: Generalleutnant Gustav Wilke


15 October 1944/21 March 1945: Generalmajor Sebastian Ludwig Heilmann


21 march 1945/unknown: Oberst Kurt Gröschke



Fallschirmjäger regiment 13


March 1944/July 1944: Oberstleutnant Wolf-Werner Graf von der Schulenburg

July 1944/August 1944: Major Bernhard Meuth

August 1944/September 1944: Hauptmann Plodder August

September 1944/October 1944: Oberstleutnant Achim Fehse

October 1944/March 1945: Major Goswin Wahl


March 1945/unknown: Oberst von Scheele

Regiment Stab offiziere:

Leutnant Lindemann

Oberleutnant Rudolf Petrikat

Hauptmann Metzler

Oberleutnant Kunsch

Hauptmann Heinz Disselhoff

Bataillonskommandeure und offiziere:

I. Bataillon

Bataillonsführer Oberleutnant Bartelt

Kompanieführer Leutnant Westermann

II. Bataillon

Ersatz Kommandeur / Oberleutnant Rudolf Petrikat

III. Bataillon

Bataillonsführer Major Hans Frank (gefangenschaft Warnach)


Fallschirmjäger regiment 14


March 1944/July 1944: Major Herbert Noster

July 1944: Major Wilhelm Brinkmann

July 1944: Hauptmann Lüdemann

July 1944/August 1944: Hauptmann Sauer

September 1944/May 1945: Oberst Arno Schimmel

Bataillonskommandeure und offiziere:

I. Bataillon


II. Bataillon


III. Bataillon



Fallschirmjäger regiment 15


March 1944/July 1944: unknown

July 1944/March 1945: Oberst Kurt Gröschke


March 1945/May 1945: Major Rudolf Berneike


Bataillonskommandeure und offiziere:

I. Bataillon

Hauptmann Rudolf Berneike


II. Bataillon


III. Bataillon

Oberleutnant Hubert Sniers



Fallschirm artillerie regiment 5


December 1944/unknown: Oberst Bernd Wintzer


Copyright image Bernd Wintzer - ©Eifel1945

Regiments offiziere:


Leutnant Werner Schwarz


Fallschirm flak abteilung 5




Fallschirm panzerjäger abteilung 5




Fallschirm pionier bataillon 5


April 1944/unknown: Major Gerhard Mertins

Bataillons Adjudant:

Leutnant Günter Laurisch

Stab offiziere:

Leutnant Hans Hügel

Leutnant Seifert

Leutnant Bruest

1. Kompanie


Oberleutnant Josef Otter

Oberleutnant Egon Schulz (vermisst 1945 /Eifel)

Leutnant Walter Sander


Kompanie offiziere:

Leutnant Richard Görges (vermisst 27.12.1944 Sainlez/Belgien)

Leutnant Friedrich

Leutnant Gottfried Lenz

2. Kompanie


Oberleutnant Rold Greif

Kompanie offiziere:


3. Kompanie


Leutnant Schönfelder

Leutnant Werner Röpnak


Leutnant Friedrich Bausch


Leutnant Paul Behr


Kompanie offiziere:

Leutnant Tenner

4. Kompanie


Hauptmann Jürgens (gefallen Normandie)

Hauptmann v. Gerlach

Leutnant Kossal

Leutnant Hans Prigge (gefallen 22.12.1944 Livarchamps/Belgien)


Leutnant Heinz Richter

Kompanie offiziere:

Leutnant Grosser (gefallen Normandie)

Leutnant Rolf Dittmar


Fallschirm luftnachrichten bataillon 5




Fallschirm sanitäts bataillon 5




Fallschirm granatwerfer bataillon 5


Major Ernst Geres

1. Kompanie

Oberleutnant Karl-Peter Spahn


Fallschirm feldersatz bataillon 5




Fallschirm nachschubkompanie 5




Attached unit: 11. Fallschirm Sturmgeschütz Brigade


unknown 1944/unknown 1945: Oberst Hollunder


Oberleutnant Martin Kauschmann

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Great post !

Thank you, job well done.

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