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Formed in December 1941 in Piraeus (Greece)
Dissolved after the loss of the boats in October 1944.

Operational area:

- Dardanelles to Crete.
- Security escorts North Africa (Tobruk)
- Security escorts to the Greek Islands (Aegean)
- Participation in the reconquest of the islands of Kos and Leros.


UJ-2141 Formerly "Tassia Christa"


Oberleutnant zur See

Werther, Helmuth, 15.04.1900 Uftrungen 

(later Kapitänleutnant der Reserve)  

21.UJ Flot. Gruppenführer

"UJ 2141" Kdt.


Crew of VIII/1918


Fate: sunk after air raid on 15.4.1944 before Kythera.




Campain around Leros, operation occupy Leros, operation Taifun.


In the operation participated the vessels of the 21.UJ-Flottille commander: Korvettenkapitän dr Günther Brandt :
Drache (ex-Zmaj), Bulgaria (Bulgarian cargo-ship), TA-10 (ex-La Pomone), UJ-2101
(ex- Greek Strymon; ex British trawler), UJ-2102 (ex-Brigitta), UJ-2104 (x- Darvik,
ex-Kos XXIII ex British subchaser, ex Norwegian whaler), UJ-2105 (ex-Ertha Greek tug. ex Russian icebreaker). UJ-2109 (ex-Widnes ex British minesweeper), UJ -110 (ex-Korgialenios, ex - Greek minelayer), GA-41 / UJ-2141 (ex-Tassia Christa, Greek wooden schooners with a powerful auxiliary engine, masked Q-ship against submarines). GA-42 / UJ-2142 (ex-Filia Pii), GA-43 / UJ -143 (ex-Aghios Trias)
GA-44 / UJ-2144 (ex-Eleni), GA-45 (ex-Ellenis / Eleni S.)




21.U-Jagdflottille, with yachts, trawlers, minelayers, minesweepers, Norwegian whaling ships, former Italian, Bulgarian, Yugoslav, French, British, and also recruited several Hellenic motor vessels.
The best known is UJ-2141, former GA (Greece, Attika) 41 ex greek Tassia CHRISTA, 120 grt, damaged by Submarine HMS Trident (but UJ 2141 did force the Submarine to dive) in the channel of Doro in July 1943. Then took part in the landing at Rhodes September.

On February 4, 1944, UJ-2141 did have an encounter with the Hr.Ms Dutch Dolfijn and forces her to retreat again in channel Doro.
The small schooner was in fact armed "only" with 1 x 88 mm, 1 x 37 mm, 4 x 20 mm Vierling, two rocket launchers, two depth charge throwers.



4 Feb 1944 at 7:00 hrs: Dutch Submarine Dolfijn attacks an Italian sailing Q-ship.
Because the Dolfijn is out gunned, the Q-ship has two 8.8 cm guns and several heavy machine guns, she has to break off the attack.

Information later showed that on 4.II.1944 19:25 [or 18:24 German time] the Italian Q-ship was UJ 2141 and that Dolfijn was forced to brake off action due to accurate return fire (UJ 2141 was armed with two 8.8 cm and 3.7 cm guns)




Mediterranean / Aegean
Sunk by Brit. aircraft on 15.4.1944 UJ 2141.




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Photo UJ-2141 : Archiv Peter Schenk


"Die Kriegsmarine in der Aegaeis im II. WK 1941-1944", 2008.


Leit.Masch. : Masch.Maat - Delvo 14.4.1944 +


The book shows besides each commander also the Leitender Maschinist of the vessels.




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Thanks very much, EJ! Appreciate it a lot, especially for the new name of Leit.Masch.Maat "Delko". Do you perhaps know how much personnel would be on board of such vessel?

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UJ-2141 bombed by aircraft on 04.15.1944 in the Gulf Nicolo, to Cythera, with 4 crewmembers killed on board.


UJ-2141 () ex Italian motor vessel Tassia Christa 1943 GA 41; 04/15/44 o Monembiosia. 3641n / 2318o / FliBo


Trawlers converted to Ujägern (peace displacement 425 GRT) typically have a 8.8, a 3.7, a 2-cm-Vierlingsflak, two 2-cm single mountings, a twin-MG, 4 Wabo-throwers, 1 Wabo unwind stand were 55 m long, 8.3 m wide, came to 12 knots and 70 crew members.

The UJ-2141 is a smaller vessel - not a trawler but a Schooner, some sources say 300 GRT, others mention 120 GRT and a crew of 18 men.

In my humble opinion a crew of 18 is not enough for manning all the weapons and mashinery on UJ-2141.


A drawing by Gröner of the armed schooner "Tassia Christa" shows very clear she had panels that dropped to reveal her 8.8cm gun.


HMS Trident damages the German patrol vessel GA 41/Tassia Christa with gunfire some 20 miles north of the Doro channel.


Region: Mediterranean
Attack Date: 07/08/1943
Attack time: 08:04
Nationality submarine: British
Name of the submarine: Trident
Commander: Newstead
Assumed target type: auxiliary patrol boat
Adopted Tonnage: 150 grt
Adopted Result: damaged
Used Weapon (s): Artillery
Position Attacker: Doro channel
Observation Date: 08/07/1943
Observation time: 07:20
Country of destination: German
Actual target type: auxiliary patrol boat
Name of destination: GA41 x
Ex-nation of the target: Greek
Ex-name of the destination: Tassia Christa
Actual tonnage: 300 GRT
Actual results of Damaged
Position of the target: 10sm N Doro channel
Comments: The UJ-trawler replied with 50 depth charges


An old auction of photo series on Ebay did show:


Beisetzung auf dem Heldenfriedhof in Athen
Funk Obergefreiter H.Vielstich
Gefallen  8.Juli 1943 

Beim 2  U-Boot Gefecht von  UJ 21- 41 - (Tassia Christa) in der Ägäis

mit dem U-Boot - HMS Triton - der britischen Royal Navy

Position nördlich des Doro-Kanal


Burial at the military cemetery in Athens
Radio Corporal H.Vielstich
July 8, 1943 Fallen
In the 2 submarine battle of UJ 21- 41 - (Tassia Christa) in the Aegean
with the submarine - HMS Triton - the British Royal Navy
Position north of the Doro channel 


Region: Mediterranean
Attack Date: 02/04/1944
Attack time: 19:25
Nationality submarine: Dutch
Name of the submarine: Dolfijn
Commander: Oostrom Soede
Assumed target type: Sail
Adopted Result: sunk
Used Weapon (s): Torpedo
Position Attacker: Doro channel
Observation Date: 02/04/1944
Observation time: 18:24
Country of destination: German
Actual target type: anti-submarine trawler
Name of destination: UJ2141 x
Ex-nation of the target: Greek
Ex-name of the destination: Tassia Christa
Actual tonnage: 120 GRT
Actual Results: missed
Position of the target: Doro channel
Comments: Attack for reply aborted.

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8 Jul 1943


HMS Trident (Lt. P.E. Newstead, RN) attacks a the German merchant Gerda Toft (1960 GRT, built 1930) with 6 torpedoes in position 097°, Cape Doro, 5 nautical miles.

All torpedoes missed their target.
Later this day Trident damaged the German patrol vessel GA 41 / Tassia Christa with gunfire north of the Doro Channel.
2310 hours (on the 7th, time zone -2 or -3)
In position 38°18'N, 24°26'E sighted several ships to the North and North-East.

Range was 4000 yards, their course was 180°.
2316 hours (7 July)

The starboard wing destroyer altered towards at a range of 2000 yards.

Lt. Newstead was forced to dive.

Altered course to 180° and prepared to surface as soon as the ships had passed.
2336 hours (7 July)

Surfaced to find one destroyer weaving astern of the convoy at 2500 yards range on R.D.F.

The escort soon altered course away, the target was now visible at 3800 yards and was slowly but steadily closing.
0025 hours (8 July)

In position 097°, Cape Doro, 5 nautical miles fired 6 torpedoes from 2500 yards.

The target altered course so all torpedoes missed ahead.


0650 hours (time zone -2 or -3), while Trident was in position 345° Cape Doro 10 nautical miles, a two masted schooner of about 150 tons was sighted.
At 0804 hours Trident surfaced and engaged the target with gunfire from 1200 yards.

Lt. Newstead thought he had hit and holed the schooner amidships but it was a drop hatch revealing a 3" gun.

The schooner also opened fire with 40mm guns fore and aft and closed Trident.

After Trident had fired 8 rounds the fire of the enemy became to close and Lt. Newstead decided to break of the action and dive.
While Trident was diving she was hit by several bursts of gunfire but not much damage was done.

Trident was now heavily depth charged.

In all 50 depth charges were dropped.

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Ships in the 21.U-Jagdflottille


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Excellent, EJ, thanks for sharing. Will share the group studio portrait I have in a couple of days when I can make a better picture of it (due movement still dont have my scanner). I already identified one KIA from that portrait. They also wear a badge on their hats, could be the ship symbol or flotille symbol?

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Hello I just joined this group and want to tell you that the photo showing the UJ 2141 and the signature list shows my father August Buchholz in the photo. I confirmed this last year at the Cuxhaven archive with Horste Bedrow who confirmed my fathers militart records for me. My father survived as a POW but also mentioned in some of his stories that he served on the U 331 & two other U Boats. 

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Hi Gord,


Welcome aboard the HWMF.


Is your father : August-Heinrich Buchholz 30.4.1922 - 17.4.2011 ?


U-331 was sunk 17.11.1942, your father - not being listed as crewmember on the last warpatrol - must have served on that u-boat between July 1941 and September 1942.

Can you tell the numbers of the other two uboats ?


Best regards



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Guest Kyriakouleas.Andreas
On 23/11/2014 at 8:32 PM, Bart V. said:

Anyone know more about UJ-2141? How many personnel did the ship had? Losses? 


Thanks in advance.

Now exists new information about this, i am writting an article on this. Kyriakouleas.Andreas@gmail.com

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