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Jerry B

April 1918 Trench map

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Obviously not many great war trench map admirers on here!  A shame as this is such a fine example with so many hand drawn annotations and with its link with Siegfried Sassoon and the RWF.

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How did I miss this?...


Lovely historical map :thumbsup:



Thanks.  It can be easy to miss items which is why I bumped this as it is such a great item, which is now in a frame where it belongs.  It is too big to fit in an A3 scanner so I had to scan it in 2 parts and then join the scans back together which is why a part is blank as it is not only too wide but also too high to fit in.

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I'm going over older posts I missed and just stumbled onto this gem.

I have a great grandfather that was in the Prussian Army and I have a photo of him in St. Quentin on the eve of the Spring Offensive that I will be sharing in another part of the forum soon.  I am also very interested in the British aspect of this offensive and will be coming back to this map at some point.  Thank you for sharing this!

Not sure what software you used, but you did a pretty good job combining the scans.  Check out a program called Hugin http://hugin.sourceforge.net/.  You can stitch several scans into one file.  It does a pretty good job lining everything up by having you pick control points in the images.  I scanned a panorama photo that was just over 5 feet (1.5 meters) in length and then stitched all the segments together with Hugin.

Don't be discouraged from sharing more maps in the future.


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Thanks Ben.


I scanned it and then used MS paint to join it together.  It was only to share it, obviously for me it is in a frame and does not need better software.  However, if I pick up another in the future I'll loo at the other soft ware then.

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