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German WWI Photograph of Great grandfather Help with 50th Division?

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My German Great-grandfather Peter Gernsheimer sent this WWI photo postcard to his daughter and her husband. On the back is a short note.  The following is the best translation I have been able to obtain.  There are a couple of words we can not figure out. .  I am assuming (maybe wrongly) that this is the 50th division.  Sadly I do not know which of the men he is.  I know that he was 55 y/o and married at the time he wrote it.  Can anyone identify what this photo might be about.  I read that this division was formed in 1915 the same year that this was written and sent.  The uniforms sure look all new.  Can anyone direct me toward a roster of this unit and a synopsis on what this division might have done.  Are there other photos of this division out here somewhere that I might search.  Peter Gernsheimer (1860-1935) lived in Worms his entire life.  Total novice here on military history. Any help is appreciated

Postcard translation:


To Philipp Kramer
Worms Neuhausen

Sibret 6/14/1915
Dear Philipp and Kathe, I send you this picture of me. I let it make in …. but it is not so nice as in Worms.
Dear Philipp and Kathe I wish you are in good health and I hope to see you soon.

Hearty greetings from your father...

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It seems like the right forum to me. Your relative was not in the 50th division. He was in the Hessian Landsturm infantry, which would have been appropriate for his age. The number 50 on their collars indicate the Brigade they were formed from. This insignia was ordered changed in 1915 when Roman numerals for the army corps were added and the battalions were numbered consecutively within the corps. If he was 55 years old when this photo was taken, then I am assuming that he is one of the gray haired men in the center and right in the first row. All others appear too young. Most likely his was an immobile unit, which meant that it performed duties inside Germany. Such units were involved in guard duty and training type activities. They wear the Hessian pattern belt buckle and Hesssian state cockade (red and white on the bands of their caps.


I hope this helps get you started.




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Thank you very much for your reply, Chip.  That is very helpful.  "50th brigade."   "I am inclined to agree with your choice of the men according to age.   I notice too that some of their hats have different pins on them.  Any idea what the ropes mean that some are wearing?   Thanks again.

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