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    After showing my paternal grandfathers medals in an earlier thread,i thought i would post the medals that were awarded to my Uncle John who sadly passed away a few years ago. His name was John Dadswell and was married to my mothers sister,Betty. I think you might like this set Jerry,as uncle John was in the R.C.O.S,as was your father. During WWII he was attached to the Parachute Regiment. The group includes the France and Germany Star,The Defense Medal and the 1939/45 War Medal. His General Service Medal includes the Malaya,Palestine and S.E Asia Bars. Having no children,uncle John gave me this group before he sadly passed away.Needless to say,i treasure them dearly. Regards,Martin.
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    Here is a photo i have of uncle John that i figure was taken after June 1953 as we can see the Queen Elizabeth Coronation Medal ribbon on his bar. You can just see part of his "Para" wings on his right sleeve. Aslo,a R.C.O.S cap badge. Regards,Martin.
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    Hi Jerry! Always good when the decorations of the own family survived! Thanks for posting them! Kind regards, Peter
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    Another pic: KL-Oberaufseherin Kind regards, Peter
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    Hi Guys Here Photo from my Friend Peter.Peter was member of HJ AHS and 1 year on school in Ordensburg Krossinsee in my town.After AHS Peter was in Pz Abt GD drived Pz IV.Peter passed away some years ago.
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    Portrait from a member of S/Pz. Jag.Abt 559 with nice shoulderboards