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    So many great items on this thread, good to see so much from many nations and periods. For me the Waterloo medal and the known SAS group are hard to upgrade, though the scrimshaw and the flemish helmet are so cool, as is the A2 cap and the flight suit must be hard to beat & etc..... I think you get the idea. I had a very good year for collecting with so many great additions to my collection that it is hard to pick just one, though the Welsh Guards 8th Company colour is impossible to upgrade as these were hand made with just one for each of the companies. They are only used for ceremonial events and these days they only time they come out are during the Trooping of the Colours in London. I have pictures of some of the others that are still in use, but not this one as it must have left the regiment sometime in the past, probably gifted to the last company commander when the company was disbanded.
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    I have two which have been called fakes & look as good as this.All I can say is that it looks like an early war issue.There are guys on here that will let you know in a minute.Nice badge.Cheers Wolf.