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    Its a "Sam Browne Belt" with a Chinese star. Here's what my references are https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/antique-communist-china-chinese-army-512173653 Best Regards, JustinG
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    Here is a recent acquisition and one that has taken me 5 years to get hold of again after missing out on it the first time round. Wehrpass and citations to a sailor who served on the destroyer Z-1 Leberecht Maas and who is listed as being killed on 22nd February 1940. This would relate to Operation Wikinger when a fleet of German destroyers sailed on a sortie to attack British fishing boats in the North Sea on 19th February 1940. Unrelated, the Luftwaffe had decided to launch a previously postponed anti-shipping sweep over the North Sea on the same night and due to miscommunication and poor coordination between the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe, the destroyers were attacked by the Heinkel He-111 bombers. The Leberecht Maas was attacked twice and hit by 3 bombs which saw her break in two and sink with only 60 survivors. While the attack was underway and the rest of the ships went to the aid of the Leberect Maas one of the destroyers, Z-3 Max Schultz, exploded and sank believing to have sailed in to an unknown British minefield. She sank with no survivors. In all 578 sailors were killed by their own side and 2 destroyers lost. Although the entry for his death states 22nd February rather than the date of the 'action' this could mean that he survived the initial attack but died a couple of days later.
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    Bronze Bust of famous WW2 RAF Ace pilot Douglas Bader who fought in the battle of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, credited with 22 enemy kills and other distinguished and heroic actions. This fine detailed bronze bust of RAF pilot ace Douglas Bader shows his calm yet focused facial expression while looking at the skies, wearing his leather flying jacket, cap and flying goggles, his radio and air mask hanging from his neck. This bronze bust sculpture is mounted on a solid marble base with the RAF insignia and symbols on all sides. Dimensions: Height: 27 cm (10.62 inches) Width: 15 cm (5.9 inches) Weight: 4 Kg (8.8 lbs)
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    Seeing the post above about Merenti, for those who collect paperwork, their previous auction and the next one due to begin in September is awash with fakes. The same goes for Loesch. They seem to be getting paperwork from the same dubious source but unfortunately they either don't have anyone to go through it all and weed it all out or they just don't care.
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    https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/first-world-war-service-medals My 1914 Star (Mons Star) with bar - for service in France or Belgium between 5 August & 22 November 1914 My 1914-15 Star - for service in any theatre of WW1 against the Central European Powers during 1914 and 1915
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    Another fine piece I had the pleasure of owning.
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    Another fine document. Thanks for sharing. Great clarity of Lazarett hospital. Very interesting to see if the hospital has remained a hospital to this day? Thanks for sharing. Best Regards, JustinG
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    Unknown officer - EK 2. Klasse - Königl. Bayer. Militär-Verdienstorden 4. Klasse mit Schwertern - Ritterkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwertern des Königlich Sächs. Albrechts-Orden - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 1. Kl. - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 3. Kl. - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 - Königl. Bayerisches "Goldene Hochzeits-Erinnerungsmünze" König Ludwig III - Jubiläumsmedaille der bayerischen Armee - Swedish Order of Vasa
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    Unknown officer- I see 4 ribbons. - Italian Order of SS. Maurice & Lazarus - Grossoffizierkreuz des Königlich Italienische Order of Colonial Star (maybe?) - Unknown - Erinnerungsmedaille für den deutsch-italienischen Feldzug in Afrika (possibly)
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    General der Panzertruppe Rudolf Veiel - Spange zum EK 2. Klasse - Ritterkreuz des Königlich Württemeng. Militar-Verdienstorden - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Österr. Kriegserinnerungsmedaille mit Schwertern - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 3. Klasse - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13. März 1938 - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 mit Spange "Prager Burg" - Ungar. Kriegserinnerungsmedaille mit Schwertern Here is a colour photo of him, showing a foreign award in wear (possibly Bulgarian Military Merit Order?)
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    Unknown General - EK 2. Klasse - Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern - Königl. Bayer. Militär-Verdienstorden 4. Klasse mit Schwertern - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 mit Spange "Prager Burg" - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 4. Klasse
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    UPDATE General der Infanterie Baptist Kniess Photographic evidence of the Bavarian Golden Jubilee Wedding Medal.
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    the couple of badges I have and one certificate
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    The Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM):
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    The Air Force Cross(AFC) and case:
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    French troops using a Hotchkiss machine gun:
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    I went out and got these lovely examples. 🙂 Regards, JustinG
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    I obtained these two awards at separate times from separate people. The Sailor carved their name on the back of the award. I have attempted to do research into who this person was but haven't been successful. "Kassube" An early Destroyer badge and Spanish Cross without swords. I was very happy to reunite these awards and return them both to a single collection. Zerstörerabzeichen and Spanienkreuz JustinG
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    Looks like something out of doctor who. Very nice and collectable, and rare.
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    This is getting on for a year too late but it looks like a standard UK issue watch, I didn't know Zenith made them too. Anyway, I believe 0552 is Royal Navy issue and the two numbers at the bottom are the year of manufacture.
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    There's three I can not identify.....they look like Helmut Hecht, Alois Dierks and Wolfgang ? /Ian
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    Gentlemen. A few of the posters here seem a bit upset that Klaus Butschek has recieved (numerous) bad reviews at the HJ forum. The reason(s) for this are simple. Firstly, YES, the folks at the HJ-Research forum really do, know what they are doing.(Or maybe a member here could point me to a thread on the HJ forum where wrong info is stated? or where it is clear that they dont know what they are doing?) Secondly, fact is fact, regardless of personal opinion. And the plain facts are, that fakes have been found on Butscheks site, more than once. There was the case of a Gold wound badge that was sold without a case, yet appeared WITH a case on his site later, with no mention that the case was not original to the badge. Then there was the more recent case, read about that at WAF, where a HJ uniform, that was bought of eBay with no effects, miraculously turns up in Butscheks hands with added insignia! There have been other incidents as well. Yes, i too have dealt with Butschek, and everything said about them/him here is true. Very nice to converse with, very efficient service, well packed, postage is also OK, prices have shot through the roof but that has nothing to do with a dealer’s reputation. BUT, the fact remains that Butschek DO list fakes, and they DO list humped up items. (Plural, not singular) So where does this leave us? Are we just to gang up on people like Haas, Snyder, Germania Intl..etc... And not say a word about Dealers who, the majority believe are "The best" ? If you want to stay fair, and really want to help people with this thread, then there should surely be no problem mentioning any name when it comes to exposing fakes. I will leave you with some food for thought. Do these "dealers" interact with collectors on the forums? Do they share their time and try and help? OR... do they simply use the forums for their own advertising & sales - financial gain-? Yes, i have heard it, seen it, and done it myself before. Dealer XYZ is such a nice chap, after he was alerted to a fake on his recent update, he "did the right thing" and removed it! Really? The right thing would be to interact with the community, find out why it is a fake, and find out how to not make beginners mistakes in the future. Getreu dem motto: Education über alles. (yes, i just made that up) That would be the right thing, not to just repeatedly threaten a forum because your name is mentioned in a bad light, brought on by your own actions for listing modern fakes as genuine.
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    After recovering from his wound Wiegand served in various training & replacement units linked to Pz.Rgt 35 before he was reassigned to his previous unit on 12th August 1943 although this time he went to 5 Kp of Pz.Rgt 35. By October 1944 Pz.Rgt 35 and Wiegand were cut off in the Kurland Pocket following the massive Russian offensive to cut off Army Group North. On 14th November 1944 he was reassigned to 7./Pz.Rgt 36 which was also inside the pocket and equipped with Pz. IV's. However from January the unit began to be re-equipped with Panther tanks that had been left behind by I/Pz.Rgt 35 when the latter unit withdrew to Danzig. Inside the Kurland Pocket Wiegand fought in 5 of the 6 major battles launched by the Russians. The campaign pages in the Wehrpass runs for the entire length of the war. Kamen Nevenkin's "Fire Brigades" states that on 12 March 45, an order was issued to transfer II./Pz.Rgt.36 to Grafenwoehr training area for reconstitution, and just like I/Pz.Rgt 35 it was to leave its Panthers behind in the pocket. However II./Pz.Rgt.36 never made it to Grafenwoehr, instead it ended up at the Wünsdorf training area near Berlin in April where it was to be reformed as a Pz.Jagd-Verb, but the Stab of II./Pz.Rgt.36 and other parts of the Abteilung ended up being used to form Kampfgruppe "Ritter" that went into combat in the Zossen area. Some sites on the net state that KG Ritter was equipped with a handful of the 'Infra-red' equipped Panthers but there doesn't seem to be any hard evidence to support this so if anyone can shed any light on this it would be much appreciated. From the Zossen area Pz.Truppe parts of the KG Ritter (22nd April 1945) - Stab II./Pz.Rgt. 36 - 4./Pz.Rgt. 11 - SPW-Kp. (Biwa-Uelzen) - s.Pz.Jg.Kp. 614 Wiegand finished the war with the following awards: Sudetenland Medal Service Award IV Class EK II EK I PAB Black Wound Badge Kurland Cuffband