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  1. As to the topic title depicts, how do you start to Research British & Commonwealth Forces Medals? You've a number, rank and some pre-name initials and a surname and unit initals. So how do you start researching these? I found that the initials and names can belong to many other soldiers if you do not have vital information such a birth date or so. For example: M2-182317 Cpl.C.J.Turner. A.S.C. (WW1 Medals) M2-182317 - Corporal C.J. Turner - Army Service Corps When I try to find more to a Cpl. C.J. Turner I stumble upon tens (or hundreds) of names to a C.J. / C. / J. Turner in the A.S.C. Thanks in advance, Bart
  2. British War Decorations - WWI British War Decorations: Reference: 1. The Chicago Daily News War Book for American Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Copyrighted 1918 by The Chicago Daily News Company. Chicago, IL. (http://freepages.military.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~worldwarone/WWI/Medals/index.html)
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    Anyone know more about UJ-2141? How many personnel did the ship had? Losses? Thanks in advance.
  4. A photograph from a Medical Unit taken on the Eastern front, nice white camo painted vehicles!
  5. I've acquired over 350 negatives and need help to identify some places in Germany, most likely in Bavaria. Thanks for your help.
  6. Bought this as trade material. Award document for a Wound Badge in Black earned for wounds endured during the Warsaw Uprising
  7. Hello all Could anyone help me to which organisation she belongs and what rank? I think DRK because she wears a DRK insignia? Thanks in advance.
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    Happy Birthday Wishes

    The 3rd "Happy Birthday" thread to wish our Members a happy birthday.
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    Xmas wishes

    My very late Christmas wishes, but still wish you all the best ! Also very sad to hear, Jim ! Keep you head up and if there is something and want to have a chat, just send me.
  10. Photograph from (Left) Heinrich Springer, (Middle) Fritz Witt and (Right) Georg Isecke. All information to the Photographs etc. is welcome and appreciated! /Bart
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    A special plane in the end

    A wonderful group and with magnificent history. As Kevin said, they don't get that coverage like the Fighter or bomber crews but had an even important task to do. Thanks for showing.
  12. Dear loyal members, I've introduced a Subscription level to our Forum. It has been several months now without almost any Donation with exception of two regular contributing members however costs of our Forum hosting reached a new scale. I'm paying as off now €130 a month for hosting costs other costs not included (extra security, domain name..) earlier on it has been bearable since our Forum didn't was that big but since a few months more posts were regularly made as well as images posted. Since nothing gets deleted (or there has to be a very good reason) the size only increase and so do the member numbers and so on... I hope with the subscription to make these costs bearable and to improve the Forum. There have been a few downtime because of the size our server / database is getting and I've regularly to update it (increase memory which costs money) and when I moved away from a less reliable host to a dedicated Forum hosting service. I want to thank all of you who made donations before. I hope via this new system to give you more in return. I've done raffles in the past, where I gave away items for free or for a little sum, I bought these from my own money etc. to give something in return. I'm planning when the Subscription are successful to do this again and a few little extras. I also want to improve the Forum as well since I currently do it all myself because of the monthly costs I already have to make. I can add plenty more advertisements to the forum to bear a little more of the costs but I'm choosing not to, in order to increase my user's usability of the forum. You can become a Forum Patron to support the Forum, which costs 17,50 EUR (ca. 21 USD) and is payable via PayPal and IBAN/BIC. If you do pay via IBAN/BIC, let me know afterwards! Click below to sign up: Click here to become a "Forum Patron" Note: You can chose whether the renew should be automatically or not. What do I receive with a "Forum Patron" Membership? Become a "Forum Patron" to gain access to more features and extra's! What extra's come with the "Forum Patron" Membership? You'll receive a Rank insignia beneath your username when you post and be granted the title of Forum Patron. You'll receive access to Forum Raffles! Take part in Raffles meant for Enlisted Members and exclusive Patron Raffles! You'll receive access to Downloads! You'll receive unique Discounts and Free Products in the Store! You'll receive access to Gallery! You'll receive extra options such as creating Private Albums and Friend-Only Albums. You'll be able to customize your profile! You'll be able to upload a background image for your profile (maximum filesize of 5000 kb). You'll be able to use a signature! You'll be able to upload an Avatar to a max. filesize of 1000 kb. You'll be able to send Attachments via Private Messages! You'll receive a higher maximum limit of store-able Private Messages! You'll be able to store 500 Private Messages You'll be able to give a maximum of 20 Positive Reputations within 24 hours. You'll have an unlimited limit to post Forum Attachments! You'll be able to Upload per post a maximum of 15 MB (total filesize of the Attachments in 1 post). You'll be able to Edit your posts up to 150 minutes after posting! and of course support Historical War Militaria Forum! As a Enlisted Member you only have storage for 25 PM's and post max. 1 MB (total file-size of the Attachments in 1 Post) per post. In total you can upload 250 MB in attachments. You'll have to upgrade your Membership with a subscription afterwards to receive an unlimited amount. Thanks, Yours sincerely, Bart ** UPDATED AS OF MARCH 26, 2018 **
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    Subscriptions - Help HWMF

    Thanks to @Michael1000 for supporting our Forum !
  14. No problem, Justin ? Feel free to send me whenever you need my help.
  15. For me it's no problem to help out, let me know. Do know that Belgium postal service is not the cheapest, so I send it to you, it will cost you more than some other countries.
  16. Latest purchase, Parade Waffenrock for a Schirrmeister in Infanterie-Regiment 154. The button on the shoulderboards reads "14" so 14. Kompanie, right? Hope you like it. Room for 3 awards and 1Ribbon bar.
  17. Josef Elbl Oberst (Born) Geboren am: 26. März 1893 als Sohn des Lokomotivführers Anton Elbe und dessen Ehefrau Eleonore in Pilsen/ Böhmen geboren. (Killed in Action) Gefallen am: Bei einem Durchbruch der Russen bei Iwankow, 70 km nordwestlich von Kiew fand Oberst Josef Elbe am 10. November 1943, durch eine Handgranate den Soldatentod. (Knight's Cross) Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes: 22. August 1943 als Oberst und Kommandeur der fränkischsudetendeutschen Grenadier-Regiment 330 der 183. Infanterie-Division.
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    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Stewy? Anyone in contact with him or hear from him recently? Please, let me know.
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    Nothing new, and as you can see he also never replied or tried to contact me or others.
  20. Great work, Jerry ! When will you be sending out autographs?