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  1. A colourised version I did a while back, (Source Wikipedia)
  2. Hi all, not posted for quite a while so thought I would add a few of mine regards Alex K
  3. Another one Heerfliegertruppe early dark grey, light grey piping dated October 1967 manufacturer Bamberger
  4. Josef Fitzek Walter Nowotny Bodo Spranz
  5. I have a bad habit of picking a subject and then colourising suitable images until I decide enough is enough (For the time being) I then I move onto the next subject. One subject was POW's and I did quite a few, so to have a clear-out, the ones a consider to be OK are attached. hope you don't mind. They show resignation, despair, confusion, arrogance and glad to have made it regards Alex K
  6. Hi Bart thank you glad you enjoy them. Larry nice weddings as usual. regards Alex K
  7. Hi Patrick it's not too bad at all actually taking into account a very early attempt, the uniform looks quite neat, as I mentioned before, faces can be the most difficult to make realistic, it does take a lot of practice to achieve all the different skin tones and shades found on a face, but the more you do the more confident you become so well done and keep at it. Alex K
  8. Hi Larry, thanks, You'll have to post some more of yours, I like the weddings ones. I admit that whilst I'm fairly familiar with military uniforms, civilian uniforms are not my strongest point, but I like to have a go, Here's a Reichsbahn employee I've had a quick go at, I think it's about right, what do you think, you seem quite familiar with civi uniforms regards Alex K
  9. Von Runstedt and Meinhard Rosenmuller (A WW1 fighter ace who was given an honourary rank in the Luftwaffe)
  10. Thank you Morten regards Alex K