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  1. Hi All, My grandfather was an investigator and ss interrogator. He was assigned to the above mentioned massacres and I have the original files including, maps, photos, witness statements from allied personnel and ss officers involved. Also I have movement orders and authorisations from mod Kensington palace. The file on wormhaudt contains evidence that General willhelm Monhke was responsible for orders to carry out the massacre. However the British government ordered the files to be kept secret until 2011 and could not be used as evidence. I also have letters from MP Jeff Rooker and IAn sayer (co auther of "hitlers last general") to my grandfather. These are just a few photos but I have more files and other items. Yes I was aware of the minutes as Jeff rooker was in communication with my grandfather regularly and it was my grandfather that gave him a lot of information to raise in parliament. As you can see below I have a copy of the official report. When Mohnke was put to trial files were used which had evidence omitted and or deleted from the original file my grandfather had in his possession. Mohnke is named in these documents by one german officer in particular as being the one who had given the order for the massacre at (les parades). I have been today to (please don't laugh) dickinsons real deal. And the reaction I got from the dealers, production staff etc was unbelievable, people had been queuing for hours and they just put me straight in. I was offered £450 by the dealer which I turned down to go to auction. The dealer in question admitted afterwards that they will be bidding at auction and that it is definitely worth a lot more etc etc. but it's not just about the money. I want this to go to someone who will appreciate it. I don't know what will happen but at least people will learn a little bit about my grandfathers fight for the poor people that lost their lives in these atrocities. In case any of you are interested the auction is being held on 30th October at Peter Wilson auction in Nantwich. The programme will be aired in spring summer next year but I will keep you posted.