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  1. A guy who was awarded with: ek2,kvk2,ostmedaille,GAB and both driver badges in silver and gold. He took part during 42-43 in some well known battles: - deffenssive battles in Orel-wolchow,Brjansk,Karhkov and kiev. At the end of 1943 this bataillon was used as infantry,also building some bridges in Gorkowischtschina and destroying small barges in the Dnieper. He spent 6 months in a lazarett till 11-44. And no clear for me where he was the last months of the war. Any help is welcomed.
  2. Hi guys. Wounded in 1940. Also wounded 11-42...while being with 212 at Stalingrad? What do you think? Thanks!
  3. Alberto

    Soldbuch Photos

    Showing a nice flak.
  4. Alberto

    Soldbuch Battleship Tirpitz

    Great soldbuch Michael! Really not a lucky guy! But 135 sailors were even less lucky than him.
  5. Great addittions to your impressive “212” collection Bart. congratulations!
  6. Alberto

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    Eric was very nice guy!
  7. Hi guys. Wounded 23-10-42...fighting in tractor factory? Thanks.
  8. If you look carefully it is the same guy who signs in defferent parts of the book and who signd the ek2 and the IAB in 1941. My guess is: in 1940 he was awarded the IAB perhaps by mistake and was crossed line 3 months later. But he finally won it in 1941 and was again signed. What do you think guys?
  9. That is what i am asking! i do not know what happened with the IAB!
  10. Gefreien Wagner Born 28-03-1921 Ek2 14-04-41 while fighting in the Balcans...Metaxas Line probably. signature of General Mattenklott RK 11/41 gefallen 25-07-41 in Russia. And... IAB...can anyone help me with the IAB...three different dates,two of them are crossed line...??????
  11. Hildebrond was born in Metz ,that remained German until the end of WW1. He served with stab and I abteilung of A.R.34 1/9/44 he is promoted to hauptmann. 5 awards: kvk2,ostmedille,Ek2,Ek1 and BwB. He took part in the battle of France and Rusia(smolensk,orel,Tscherkassy...) Wounded 2/1944 Some nice entries like: -WPP,P08,taschenlampe,doppelfernohr and marchkompass. I tried to find info about him but nothing so far. Any extra info is always apreciated.
  12. This is a very nice set Kevin and the citation is very very beautiful!