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  1. To be more precise....Strafvollzugsdienst Senior Hauptwachtmeister - 1942-45 There used to be an awesome site in the Czech republic however it's gone. If someone knows how to find it thru "Cache' it would be well worth it,, http://www.tenzor.cz/lbsr/dr/mdj/MdJ.html or This is a fairly decent link though nowhere near as intensive as the lost one. http://www.germandaggers.com/Gallery/CT7W.php Cheers Larry
  2. Justizwachtmeisterdeinst Here is a pre -war set I used to own for a higher rank, Cheers Larry
  3. Laurence Strong

    IT-1 Drakon

    This is ACE's 1/72 version, It actually went together not bad for an ACE kit, though I had to use a second set of tracks from a ACE T-62. That's a Canadian quarter which is almost an inch wide. Cheers Larry
  4. Laurence Strong

    Some 1:72 Scale Models

    Sweet work. Been painting "Braille scale" all my life. Cheers Larry
  5. Laurence Strong

    RK KvK ohne Schwertern

    Here is mine........the ribbon is repro.... Cheers Larry
  6. Protektorat Böhomen und Mähren Ein Kronen. This is a "Protektorat Böhomen und Mähren" re-strike on a "Republika Československá" note. I would place this at an early point in the history of the Protektorat Böhomen und Mähren Cheers Larry
  7. Protektorat Böhomen und Mähren Funf Kronen
  8. Protektorat Böhomen und Mähren Zehn Kronen
  9. Protektorat Böhomen und Mähren Zwanzig Kronen
  10. Laurence Strong


    A few more photo's tomorrow along with some uniforms and then onto the "Generals dem HV. After that I will be going into the Beamte a.K. with more after that.... Larry
  11. Laurence Strong


    A Oberzahlmiester
  12. Laurence Strong


    I believe this man to be an Apotheker due to his low rank, hoherer Dienst tabs and the hue of the nebenfarbe..
  13. Laurence Strong


    So what you see here is an Unteroffizier mit portepee who is wearing NCO boards for the mittlerer Dienst/einfacher Dienst and tabs for the gehobener Dienst. He is for all intents and purpose a fahnenjunker.
  14. Laurence Strong


    Working for "da man"
  15. Laurence Strong


    Another older one